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    The Old Good card Dark Magician!!


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    The Old Good card Dark Magician!!

    Post by Aludra on Sun May 09, 2010 5:04 pm

    The Old Good card "Dark Magician"


    Its was just normal that this old card is forgotten since a lot of new card is coming,
    but look at it, he is still can be dangerous,
    there is a lot of combo can be done by him!!
    he also have some good art for it, that makes me feel comfortable wheh he is in the field Smile

    so lets see what he can do for the game

    He is normal monster, wich means good, very versatile. he can be special summoned easily using Birthright, swing of memories even tough it will be destroyed at the end phase you can use book of moon to protect it,or use it for combo mentioned later, or silent doom for same purpose as swing of memories,if its from grave, and you can also use summoner's art+ancient rules combo to summon him from hand

    He is dark, wich mean may fit in dark based deck,allure target, chaos sorcerer target, ,copy dark magician with phanotm of chaos for grave control and using Dark Magician combo, use escape from dark dimension wen he is removed from play, etc

    His atk/def 2500/2100, hmm its pretty decent here for lvl 7 monster, but 2500 atk is enough if you want to use epidemic virus, u can use swing of memories or silent doom and activate epidemic virus and ur opponent will lose its trap or spell card since he will be destroyed anyway at the en phase Razz

    He is spellcaster, wich means fit in spellcaster deck, with spellcaster village will lock opponents spell and by using epidemic virus will lock opponents trap,

    He also have his apprentice, it is Dark Magician Girl!
    with Dark Magician Girl in field, you can use sage stone to summon him easily

    and another interesting thing is, he have his own support A LOT, such as :
    Dark magic attack :harpies feather duster from dark magician!!!
    Thousand Knives :tribute to the doomed with no cost!
    Dark magic curtain :at the cost of half LP u can summon dark him from deck! I would not suggest to play it when ur LP is 8000 xP use it when u're in short of LP and he will protect u Smile
    Miracle restoring : use it in a deck use spell counter, and u can easily summon him! ex:hve dark exmplar and miracle restoring ready to activate while having 2 Dark Magician in grave,use swing of memories to summon 1st Dark Magician and exemplar will hve 2 spell counter, the activate miracle restoring to summon 1 more, u can dark magican that summoned from swing of memories tributed for another mentioned combo Smile, or you can also summon buster blader in grave if u want it Smile

    he also have some upgraded form such as
    Dark Magician Knight : summon him by tributing Dark Magician from hand , deck, or even grave! and destroy 1 card on the field,
    dark eradicator warlock: tribute dark magician, and have a broken burn eff, 1000 dmg LP tp opp when any normal spell card activated!
    dark sage: tributing Dark Magician while time wizard eff succeded, its risky tough but you can use coin support for succeded(I forget what its name) and when succeded u can add 1 spell card from deck to hand!!

    also Dark Magician can be fused with buster blader for dark paladin!, everybody knows that he has a great effect Smile
    and because he has fusion monster form so elemental hero prisma can copy it!! while prisma is search able by reainforcement of the army, stratos, and emegreny call prisma can be easily summoned, copy Dark Magician and use any possible combo can be done by Dark Magician that mentioned above!!! while sending Dark Magician to grave waiting to be summoned by another card hat mentioned above! wow o.o
    with prisma copying Dark Magician you can use it a lot for any combo you want that mentioned above!!! you can use phantom of chaos too, but prisma is just a lot better!

    Finally dark magican can do an OTK too!!!
    you never seen it?? nah its normal because Dark Magician already forgotten by most people, but I will tell you xD
    I must note that this combo can be done in another different ways, I will write the example an OTK combo that I have been done ^^
    1st summon prisma, copy dark magician, use dark magic attack/mysticalspace/heavy storm to destroy all ur opp backrow,
    summon dark eradicator warlock by tributing prisma, summon dark magian from grave use birthright/silent doom/swing of memories, ur opponent take 1000dmg if u use swing of memories or silent doom
    use knights title to summon Dark Magician knight and destroy 1 opp monster, and inflict 1000dmg to ur opponent by warlock's eff
    and finnaly summon Dark Magician again from grave using birhright/swing of memories,ur opponent will take another 1000dmg if u use swing of memories
    so there are 1 warlock(2500 atk) 1dark magician knight(2500 atk) 1 dark magician(2500) and ur opponent life point should be at least 7000-5000 bacuse warlock's burn(even 2 Dark Magician is enough if ur opp LP 5000) and attack for a game Razz

    card needed:
    1 prisma
    1 dark eradicator warlock
    1 knights title
    2 card to summon Dark Magician

    optional: 1 spell/trap card destruction(dark magic attack can do -1 or more for ur opponent wich is great Very Happy)

    also note that with this 5 card,it will do -1 for ur opponent from knight title. and can do 1000-3000dmg with warlock eff
    also just I mentioned before, Dark Magician OTK combo can be done in many different ways, Maybe you're the one who found another combo Very Happy

    Last, for everyone, don't ever underestimate Dark Magician , he can kill you with his magic fast!! Twisted Evil

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    Re: The Old Good card Dark Magician!!

    Post by Gothicmess on Sun May 09, 2010 7:31 pm

    Good writing Aludra, keep it up and show you are leader material o.-
    the jancok

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    Re: The Old Good card Dark Magician!!

    Post by the jancok on Mon May 10, 2010 5:12 am

    DM knight destroy any 1 card on the field O:<. Yeah i got OTK with that deck her - .-.anyways... nice article Very Happy , keep up the good work!!! Razz.

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    Re: The Old Good card Dark Magician!!

    Post by Aludra on Tue May 11, 2010 3:28 am

    Thx Very Happy
    but why there're only 2 responses?? xD
    I will continue,,
    next is, dark magician fusion form
    "Dark Paladin"


    he just too cool to be forgottn by people xD
    lets see,,
    he have magic jammer effect in him, making ur opp will think twice to activate his spell
    and also have power upgrading eff like buster blader,, he will kill dragons easily Very Happy
    even its atk will increase if we also use dragons,,

    but!, the most scariest thing is, with this card you can do an OTK with only at least 2 cards in Hands!!!
    it is future fusion+de-Fusion,,

    use future fusion,
    after he summoned, by assuming ur opponent field is empty, direct attack ur opponent and then activate De-Fusion from hand to summon buster blader and dark magician frm grav, and do the attack,, xD
    dark paladin 2900atk+darkmagian2500atk+busterblader2600 atk= 8000dmg!!

    its the same as B.Skull Dragon,and blue eyes-ultimate,,

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    Re: The Old Good card Dark Magician!!

    Post by OptimusYale on Tue May 11, 2010 7:53 am

    I saw a paladin deck the other day...was totally awesome and retro...felt like going back to my good old days.

    When I was tested here at TDA I used a dark magician deck that used all the old style cards and I got creamed, but I have to admit I love it so much!

    My all time favourite card with a shed tonne of support cards. Magical Dimension, Dark magicians Curtain, Sages stone, Swing of memories the list goes on!

    All we need is some decent spellcaster tuners and I could see a return for good old dark magician Razz

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    Re: The Old Good card Dark Magician!!

    Post by Aludra on Wed May 12, 2010 11:00 am

    yea, I love it soo much too xD
    Maybe you want to duel against my Dark magician deck?? xD
    I hve create one, and it seems competitive, just need to be tested against another competitive deck,
    jancok has already feel of the wrath of Dark Magic from dark magician xP

    I really wanted to create dark magician deck since a long time, and It will be awesome if its competitive,

    Next I wanted to create Red-eyes and blue-eyes,,
    creating a deck likes that makes me excited x]

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    Re: The Old Good card Dark Magician!!

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