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    TDA's WC Qualifier Tournament.


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    TDA's WC Qualifier Tournament.

    Post by DanceJonDance on Fri Jul 09, 2010 7:28 am

    First topic message reminder :

    Hello kiddies!

    I don't know how many of you are active in KCTAU, but for those who aren't and aren't sure what it is let me give you a brief history lesson. KCTAU is a place for dueling teams and academies to gather, exchange ideas, host wars or tournaments and they keep an official track of an academy/team's progress in said events.

    With that out of the way I wanna talk about an academic event I've made possible with the help of Vem123, Kuroro Lucifer, King Kaiba, and Firestorm.

    Do you guys remember the TDA World Cup? The one we're actually in the middle of running right now? If you are unfamiliar with it here are the rules:

    DanceJonDance wrote:.
    The concept is simple. We are emulating the world cup with duels instead of soccer matches. If you know how the world cup tournament works then you'll know how this works if not then I will explain.

    - Thirty-two players will sign up, and each player may choose to represent his/her country. We're pretty sure that there are less than thirty-two countries in TDA (I could be wrong) so a country may be represented more than once.

    ::First Stage::
    - Four player will be randomly assigned to a group (total of eight groups) and each member of a group will have to face each other (total of three matches per member)
    - Getting a win will earn you three points, a draw will get both players 1 point, and a loss will earn no points.
    - At the end of all the matches the two players with most points out of each group will advance to stage two. In the event of a tie for points we will look at duels for and duels against (much like the GF and GA system)
    - But wait it's impossible to get a draw in yugioh right? Wrong. This tournament will be special because every matches won't be best two out of three.
    - Matches in this tournament will consist of four duels each, and the only way to win is to win 3 or 4 duels (3-1, 4-0) meaning that you can still get a 2-2 outcome which will result as a draw.
    - You cannot stop dueling once you get three wins like you'd do in a regular two out of three match. You must duel your opponents four times in order to complete the match.

    ::Second Stage::
    - Second stage will be a traditional sixteen player knock off tournament.
    - In this stage we will revert to the traditional two out of three match system and the best duelist will win.

    Rewards may be picked by .

    2nd Place:
    - 500 SC + 1 SP
    - Any banned card of his/her choice for the neo battle city tournament in addition to his draft pick choice.

    3rd Place:
    - Any banned card of his/her choice for the neo battle city tournament in addition to his draft pick choice.

    ::Sign Up Rules::
    - This tournament will be a bit long so make sure to have time to duel if you will sign up.
    - You must commit towards getting your matches done otherwise you will be subbed.
    - Upon signing up you must join the following network:
    TDA World Cup // No password
    - We will try to assign groups based on time zones so make sure to post your GMT when you sign up.
    - If you choose to represent a country make sure to tell us which country you'd like to represent.

    ::First Round::

    Players will be allowed to duel every single person in their group. There will be no deadline for the time being so just look for the people in your group in the network (everyone has joined it) and duel away. Make sure to post your victories and losses.

    Group A
    England's Adnrw [0] vs. Vatican City's Efane [4]
    USA's Coolnerdbird [2] vs. Greece's Giapostolo [2]

    Vatican City's Efane [3] vs. Greece's Giapostolo [1]
    USA's Coolnerdbir [2] vs. England's Andrw [2]

    Greece's Giaposolo [2] vs. England's Anrw [2]
    USA's cooolnerdbird [2] vs. Vatican City's Efane [2]

    Group B
    United Kingdom's tws1994 [4] vs USA's Guardian_Rant [0]
    Australia's Fouzman [3] vs. Indonesia's HyawhHashikawa [1]

    USA's Guardian_Rant [1] vs. Australia's Fouzman [3]
    United Kingdom's tws1994 [4] vs. [i]Indonesia's HyawhHashikawa [0]

    Indonesia's HyawhHashikawa [4] vs. USA's Guardian_Rant [0]
    Australia's Fouzman [1] vs. United Kingdom's tws1994 [3]

    Group C
    Greece's Vem123 [2] vs. Indonesia's Aludra [2]
    Australia's The Detonator [3] vs. Bulgaria's Enigma_M7 [1]

    Indonesia's Aludra [2] vs. Australia's The Detonator [2]
    Greece's Vem123 [2] vs. Bulgaria's Enigma_M7 [2]

    Australia's The Detonator [2] vs. Greece's Vem123 [2]
    Indonesia's Aludra [4] vs. Bulgaria's Enigma_M7 [0]

    Group D
    Albania's Atem [1] vs. USA's Kyosuke Kiryu [3]
    Indonesia's CaptainChrno [3] vs. Romania's Supreme_King [1]

    USA's Kyosuke Kiryu [2] vs. Romania's Supreme_King [2]
    Indonesia's Captain Chrno [4] vs. Albania's Atem [0]

    Romania's Supreme_King [3] vs. Albania's Atem [1]
    USA's Kyosuke Kiryu [2] vs. Indonesia's Captain Chrno [2]

    Group E
    Germany's Sil [1] vs. Spain's DanceJonDnace [3]
    Indonesia's WilliamBerlin [3] vs. South Korea's OptimusYale [1]

    South Korea's OptimusYale [0] vs. Germany's Sil [4]
    Indonesia's WilliamBerlin [2] vs. Spain's DanceJonDance [2]

    Spain's DanceJonDance [3] vs. South Korea's OptimusYale [1]
    Indonesia's WilliamBerlin [2] vs. Germany's Sil [2]

    Group F
    Bulgaria's Slonaka [2] vs. Vietnam's Nhant [2]
    USA'sLigerkun11 [4] vs. China's Yuri Bakura [0]

    Vietnam's Nhant [3] vs. USA's Ligerkun11 [1]
    China's Yuri Bakura [3] vs. Bulgaria's Slonaka [1]

    Bulgaria's Slonaka [3] vs. USA's Ligerkun11 [1]
    China's Yuri Bakura [2] vs. Vietnam's Nhant [2]

    Group G
    China's Flodian [3] vs. Italy's Gino [1]
    USA's Crescent [2] vs. Argentina's Pharmacist [2]

    Agerntina's Pharmacist [1] vs. China's Flodian [3]
    Italy's Gino [3] vs. USA's Crescent [1]

    Italy's Gino [2] vs. Argentina's Pharmacist [2]
    China's Flodian [4] vs. USA's Crescent [0]

    Group H
    Saudi Arabia's Felix the Twilight [2] vs. Romania's Alcuard [2]
    Mexico's GothicMess [2] vs. Greece's Myst [2]

    Mexico's GothicMess [3] vs. Romania's Alcuard [1]
    Saudi Arabia's Felix the Twilight [0] vs. Greece's Myst [3]

    Romania's Alcuard [2] vs. Greece's Myst [2]
    Mexico's GothicMess [4] vs. Saudi Arabia's FelixTheTwilight [0]

    ::Knock Off Round::

    Round of 16:
    Group A Winner vs. Group B Runner Up
    Group C Winner vs. Group D Runner Up
    Group E Winner vs. Group F Runner Up
    Group G Winner vs. Group H Runner Up
    Group B Winner vs. Group A Runner Up
    Group D Winner vs. Group C Runner Up
    Group F Winner vs. Group E Runner Up
    Group H Winner vs. Group G Runner Up

    Pilover [Morocco]
    KingMP4 [Greece]
    Joco4 [Hungary]
    Yusei Fudo. [Puerto Rico]
    Hamouda [Morocco]
    Fish [Japan]
    Minp [USA]
    Azaryn [Canada]

    So where am I getting at with this? Simple. With my help, this tournament has been adopted by KCTAU to be used as a legit World Cup Tournament, but for academies, and as the creators TDA will have the honor of hosting the first tournament here in TDA. You guys might be a bit confused so allow me to explain.

    ::How the KCTAU World Cup works::

    There are currently three academies participating in this event: TDA, SDA, and YKJ. An additional academy may be added later though.

    Each academy will send a specific amount of members (depending on their qualifier rounds) to register here at TDA where they will compete in a tournament like the world cup tourney we are currently hosting. Each member will represent their academy as well as a country of their chosing, and will duel to bring the title back home, but of course we won't allow them to do so without a fight! The tournament will be hosted every season (summer, fall, winter, and spring) and each season the tournament will be hosted in a different academy and next season TDA memebers will have to go to another academy and try to win the title and bring it back to TDA.

    We will be hosting the first one so we must make sure to treat the representiatives from other academies with repsect when they come here to compete for their country/academy.

    ::How to qualify::
    I will host a 32-man tournament and sign ups will work on a first come first served basis, except for the top seven who are in the current world cup (i am excluding flodian since he will be gone soon). The only way these people will not participate in this tournament is if they choose not to. Depending on how the qualifier tournaments go in SDA nad YKJ we will determine how many people will qualify for the world cup tournament since only 32 spots are available. We think that it will be between eight or twelve people per academy meaning the top eight in the 32 man tournament will automatically qualify for the world cup.

    The tournament will be first come first served as mentioned earlier, BUT if we get 64 sign ups we will do a 64 man tournament.

    If you have any questions about this event this is the threat to post your questions in. Otherwise follow the sign up rules.
    Nhant wrote:Wooohh So what academies are gonna be in it for sure?
     For now TDA, SDA, and YKJ. However SDAV2 is looking to participate as well
    firefsp wrote:is 1 people 1 country or ..
    There can be more than one representative per country

    ::Sign up rules::
    - When you sign up you must specify which country you will represent
    - You must have at least 20 posts to sign up, otherwise don't bother.
    - Upon signing up you MUST repeat MUST join the following network: TDA Qualifier//no password
    - When you sign up you are commiting yourself to participating in this tournament so please make sure to have time to complete matches. If you think you won't have time please don't sign up.


    Round 1:
    Nhant vs The Detonator
    HyawehHoshikawa vs. Crescent
    Mac852 vs. GotchicMess
    Domonkasho71 vs. DJD
    CaptainChrno vs Colton
    Yusei Fudo vs. Alucard
    Kalin Kessler vs Myst
    Kyosuke Kiryu vs OptimusYale
    Efane vs. Cheesedoggy
    Comanda vs. Giapostolo
    Overd0ze.KayKay vs Sil
    Firefps vs. KingMP94

    Round 2:
    The Detonator vs. Crescennt
    Mac852 vs DJD
    Colton vs. Alucard
    Mushi vs. OptimusYale
    Efane vs. Giapostolo
    Overd0ze.KayKay vs. Gino
    KingMP94 vs. Coolnerdbird
    Tyann vs. Myst

    ::Current Qualifiers::
    The Detonator


    The following will be awarded to TDA Members based on their performances:

    Qualifying for the World Cup: 500 Speed Credits

    Earn a win in a group match: 200 Speed Credits

    Earn a tie in a group match: 100 Speed Credits

    End group stage with the most points in corresponding group: 500 Speed Credits & 1 Shadow Point

    End group stage with the second most points in corresponding group: 1 Shadow Point

    Make the Quarter-Finals: 500 Speed Credits

    Make the Semi-Finals: 750 Speed Credits

    Make the Final: 1000 Speed Credits

    Win Third Place: 1000 Speed Credits

    Win The Tournament: 1000 Speed Credits, 2 Shadow Points, A KCTAU World Cup Summer '10 Champion userbar, A custom banner rank, and an induction into TDA's hall of fame.

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    Re: TDA's WC Qualifier Tournament.

    Post by Crescent on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:42 am

    What a BS 2nd hand... 2 Whirls, no monsters. 1st luck sacked those traps, endlessly... But, GG... I knew i'd lose to you from the start, just pisses me off I couldn't win and get in the Cup

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    Re: TDA's WC Qualifier Tournament.

    Post by Giapostolo on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:04 am

    KingMP94 wrote:

    3 Greek qualifiers o.O

    The greeks will own the world ;D

    DIS IS Yugimoz!! xD

    Lol stop looking at spoliers dude! XD. Souvlaki <3

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    Re: TDA's WC Qualifier Tournament.

    Post by DanceJonDance on Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:25 am

    Here are our TDA Qualifiers!

    The Detonator

    Congratulations and make sure to represent TDA well!

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    Re: TDA's WC Qualifier Tournament.

    Post by ALucard on Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:04 pm

    Ah crap I lost my spot because of my damn internet... I apologize for being inactive Sad

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    Re: TDA's WC Qualifier Tournament.

    Post by overd0se.KayKay on Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:09 pm

    Lets rock this.

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    Re: TDA's WC Qualifier Tournament.

    Post by OptimusYale on Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:24 am

    now where do we go to sign up? Razz

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    Re: TDA's WC Qualifier Tournament.

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