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    Story Mode Posting Guide: How To Post For Story Mode [Must Read]


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    Story Mode Posting Guide: How To Post For Story Mode [Must Read]

    Post by CatGirl on Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:29 am

    Story Mode's Volume 1 DK & Volume 2 BC have so many Chapters for you to climb. But there's a choice you must decide for each and every one: play the Chapter the Easy way, OR the Hard way?
    Either of those Modes make a difference in the outcome of your Story Mode duel in order for you to proceed to the next Chapter.


    *The Incorrect Way*
    Some may post a Story Mode post as a regular duel topic.
    Example: uDuelist vs. Robb
    (You either say OR don't say it's for Story Mode in the post description, even if you linked the Duel Topic in the selected Chapter section to prove it)

    If we come across ones like in the example above, it can be very misleading and may cause a mistake in the awarding/Cashing/updating. It would've been treated as a simple Duel post. The same thing applies for the rest of the Duel Arenas if you're Duel Posting for Story Mode.

    There are even Story Mode posts that don't mention either the Volume, Chapter, and/or if the game was played in Easy OR Hard Mode. Almost like posting riddles in a way. We can't always guess/translate clearly what kind of Story Mode duel it is due to minor/little detail in the Topic/post description.
    Story mode: uDuelist vs. Robb (Which Chapter are you playing? Easy OR Hard?)
    Vol 1 Chapter 4: uDuelist vs Robb (Was it played in Easy OR Hard Mode?)
    Story Mode Hard: uDuelist vs. Robb (Which Chapter is it?)

    *The Correct Way*
    Here's a cleaner way a Story Mode post title would look.
    Volume 1: Duelist Kingdom
    Easy Modes
    V1 CH 1 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 2 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 3 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 4 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 5 Easy: [Who & Who] vs. [Who & Who]
    V1 CH 6 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 7 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 8 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 9 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 Final Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]

    Hard Modes
    V1 CH 1 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 2 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 3 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 4 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 5 Hard: [Who & Who] vs. [Who & Who]
    V1 CH 6 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 7 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 8 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 CH 9 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V1 Final Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]

    Volume 2: Battle City
    Easy Modes
    V2 CH 1 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 2 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 3 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 4 Easy: [Who & Who] vs. [Who & Who]
    V2 CH 5 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 6 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 7 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 8 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 9 Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 Final Easy: [Who] vs. [Who]

    Hard Modes
    V2 CH 1 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 2 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 3 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 4 Hard: [Who & Who] vs. [Who & Who]
    V2 CH 5 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 6 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 7 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 8 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 CH 9 Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    V2 Final Hard: [Who] vs. [Who]
    Posting in this way of the listed above makes it much easier, and what's more, faster for Mods to update, & Admins to award you your Chapter prizes and allow you to move quickly to the next Chapter.

    You cannot make a Story Mode post with a new member that hasn't been assigned a rank yet. Otherwise, it'll be an invalid duel in the arena of your choice in the selected Story Mode mission and will be Locked if you do post it with a not-yet-ranked member.
    Same rule also applies in other Duel Arenas aside from Story Mode duels.

    Thank you for reading.


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