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    Admnistrator of the Year 2010



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    Admnistrator of the Year 2010

    Post by The TDA Staff on Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:06 am


    Administrators are left in charge to keep the academy up and running in every sense. Wether it'd be little things like answering questions for new and old members alike to creating a new forum layout for members' viewing pleasures. In TDA, Administrators are in charge of multiple tasks and over time administrating can be a very demanding job. This is why sometimes administrators don't reply to private messages as quickly as members would expect or why some things don't get updated in time. If something is not being done somewhere it's because something is being done somewhere else and the administrator's jobs never seem to end. In its first year TDA had several administrator, but only four were nominated to take the award of Administrator of the Year.

    1. DanceJonDance (23 Nominations)
    The founder, and first adminsitrator of TDA. DJD started off as the driving force in TDA keeping things active and going, but as time went by his activity went down and his job became more of a behind the scenes thing. From changing the layout of the forum, updating the widgets and portal to creating new events such as The Bounty Hunter's Lounge, The Pegasus League, and new tournaments in order to keep TDA ahead of the competition. DJD's job also goes beyond the academy in places such as KCTAU where he works hard to make TDA stand out from the rest of the academies by creating events such as the KCTAU World Cup.

    2. The Detonator (21 Nominations)
    When in doubt everyone asks The Detonator. The Detonator is arguably the adminstrator who is easiest to talk to which is why he is so appreciated by so many members. The Detonator helps TDA stay active by consntantly being available to other members to answer their questions from forum related stuff to card rulings. When DJD slacks The Detonator is usually the first to pick up the slack by updating the widgets and portal as well as several other things. Many people give most of the credit to DJD for stuff that happens in TDA, but none of the things created by DJD are ever made available to the public unless Det has had an opinion and his own input on said ideas.

    3. CatGirl (3 Nominations)
    The newest administrator in the TDA Staff. CatGirl has captured the hearts of many TDA members with her charming and respectful personality. CatGirl works hard at what she does, and does it very well. She has single handedly taken over the job of updating Speed Credits constantly (an incredibly difficult job) due to the fact that DJD and Det are usually busy taking care of other things. She is always willing to help members in need and this shows in her post count. She is one of the few members that has reached a high post count without spamming - most of her posts are made to help her fellow members.

    4. OptimusYale (1 Nomination)
    OptimusYale may not be the most active administrator due to his full time job as an English teacher in Korea. However, whenever Optimus gets a chance to log on he dedicates himself entirely to TDA. Whether it's keeping us updated on new releases in the TCG and OCG or writing interesting articles on cards we've forgotten Optimus has shown to be a worthy administrator who cares about the community.

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