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    Moderator of the Year 2010



    Moderator of the Year

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    Moderator of the Year 2010

    Post by The TDA Staff on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:48 am

    Moderators are left in charge to clean up after the forum, and answer all questions asked by members if possible. In addition to keeping the forum spam free moderators are also in charge of the unique task to update duelists duel records, and shadow points - a job that can be quite annoying most of the time. .

    1. Cat Girl (20 Nominations)
    Cat Girl is one of the most beloved members of TDA. When she was took the job of moderator, administrators got a lot of breathing room because of how well she performed the task. She performed so well that she is now an administrator.

    2. Crescent (10 Nominations)
    Crescent is one of the newest moderators in the staff, and has proven to be worthy of his position. Whether he's answering to user reports, keeping the forum clean, or simply being friendly to members Crescent is the standard of what every moderator should be like.

    3. Nhant (5 Nominations)
    One of the original members of TDA, Nhant has been called the most likable member on staff. Much like Crescent, Nhant is a friendly member who people go to when they need help, and like any good moderator he is willing to help. He may not be as active as he'd like due to the fact that he has to concentrate on his school, but whenever he was active Nhant did such a good job that he was nce an administrator.

    4. Aludra (2 Nominations)
    Aludra is one of the members who came into TDA and captured everyone's heart with her personality. She quickly became a popular face, and climbed up the ranks almost instantly. Sadly, she had to give up her staff position for a while in order to focus on school, but her impact on the community was so great that she managed to get two nominations even though she was only moderator for about two months.

    Honorable Mentions:
    - xcross21 (1 Nomination)
    - The Jancok (1 Nomination)

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