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    Tester of the Year 2010



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    Tester of the Year 2010

    Post by The TDA Staff on Thu Sep 02, 2010 3:02 am

    Testers are in charge of awarding members with ranks when they first come into our academy, but their job goes so much further than that. It's very easy for someone to tell a member they did bad and they will be placed in a certain dorm like a lot of academies do, but in TDA testers pride themselves in writing elaborate test results that will not only show members why they placed where they did, but also allow them to learn from those mistakes for the next time they are re-tested.

    1. The Detonator (14 Nominations)
    The Detonator is hands down the most active tester in TDA. If he isn't testing then he's on hold to test someone. Everytime Det is challenged to a duel he is either AFK or testing. The best thing about Det is that he doesn't just spam test, he takes his time with every single one of his testees and helps them improve their game. The Detonator is not the busiest tester in TDA because we lack testers. He is the busiest because members know they will improve when they are tested by him.

    2. GothicMess (13 Nominations)
    Gothic is one of the members in TDA who came in, took everyone by storm, made everyone like him, and climbed up the ranks. He is an incredible duelist with ruling knowledge to match and his skills made him one of the most beloved testers in TDA.

    3. Overd0ze.Kay Kay (4 Nominations)
    Testers come and go, but Overd0ze is one of the few testers who has remained active in his position for a while now even though he doesn't test too often.

    4. CaptainChrno (2 Nominations)
    Another beloved member of TDA who has gone MIA. He was a tester for a short time, but his impact on the community was so great that it got him two nominations.

    Honorable Mentions:
    - KingMP94 (1 Nomination)
    - DanceJonDance (1 Nomination)

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