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    Dorm Leader of the Year 2010



    Dorm Leader of the Year

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    Dorm Leader of the Year 2010

    Post by The TDA Staff on Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:17 am

    Dorm leaders are in charge of keeping their dorm members entertained with events in addition to providing them with whatever help they may need to reach the next level.

    1. Aludra [Black Rose Violet] (13 Nominations)
    As the Black Rose Violet leader Aludra helped many members improve their skills by posting help in the deck/fix section of the forum. There is no doubt that some of the Archfiends that ranked up from Black Rose have to give Aludra some credit for their accomplishment.

    2. OptimusYale [Uru Red] (8 Nominations)
    Much liike Aludra, Optimus dedicated himself to helping his dorm members reach Ccapac Apu. Not only did he help them improve but he also kept them entertained with such events like Uru's flash game challenge.

    3. Nhant [Ccapac Apu Blue] (4 Nominations)
    Nhant is the oldest dorm leader in TDA, and with that comes a lot of respect. He is the only member who has dedicated his entire time in TDA to serving the Ccapac Apu Blue dorm. It's no wonder he is one of the most beloved dorm leaders.

    Honorable Mentions:
    - Flodian [Archfiend Red] (3 Nominations)
    - Crescent [Wiraqocha Rasca Violet] (3 Nomination)
    - Alucard [Stardust Blue] (2 Nominations)
    - xcross21 [Black Rose Violet] (1 Nomination)
    - The Detonator [Stardust Blue] (1 Nomination)

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