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    macros dino- oppresion


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    macros dino- oppresion

    Post by W33VIL UND3RW00DS on Sun Oct 17, 2010 5:37 am


    Tyranno infinity x 3
    Jurac deino x 2
    Jurac monoloph x 2
    Jurac staurik x 3
    Hydroggedon x 3
    Jurac Herra x 3
    Jurac titan x 1
    Jurac guivre x 2
    Morphing jar x 1
    Morphing jar x 2


    Scapegoats x 1
    Dimensional Fissure x 3
    Dark Hole x 1
    Giant Trunade x 1
    Fossil dig x 3
    Burden of the mighty x 2
    D.D.R.-Different dimension Reincarnation


    Macro cosmos x 2
    Skill drain x 2
    Royal oppression x 1
    Torential tribute x 1
    Mirror force x 1
    Return from the different dimension x 1
    Extra Deck x 15
    Black rose dragon x 2
    Ally of justice Catastor x 2
    Brionac dragon of ice barrier x 1
    Flamvell Urquizas x 1
    Magical android x 1
    Jurac meteor x 1
    Jurac velphito x 1
    Jurac giganoto x 1
    Goyo defender x 1
    Stardust dragon x 1
    Red dragon archified x 1
    Mist wurm x 1
    Trishula, dragon of the ice barrier x 1

    ok the main idea is to ruin graveyard effects because most decks need it. The rock star is tiranno infinity to gain much atk as possible to make it stronger with the removed dinos. also jurrac staurik is a good defence to gain the tokens and summon herra. Fossil dig spell will allow me to have any dino i need.
    I need help to make it more stable because i have defeated, lightworms monarch decks, plants it removes from graveyard, make weake my opponent monsters. Sometimes is a little inestable can someone give me an idea.
    And can anyone please rate also my idea.

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