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    They Hail From The Sky


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    They Hail From The Sky

    Post by Chrono on Sun Oct 17, 2010 5:46 pm

    Alright so I made this deck a few weeks ago and have been tweaking it here and there for a while... Like just today I started working on the Side Deck and Removed 1 Zerato for a Asmodeus anyway heres what it looks like so far.



    Darklord Zerato[X2]
    Archlord Krystia[X2]
    Dark Valkyria[X2]
    Herald Of The Orange Light[X2]
    Chaos Sorcerer[X2]
    Plague Spreader Zombie[X1]
    Tetyhys, Goddess Of Light[X2]
    Dimensional Alchemist[X2]
    Darklord AsmoDeus[X1]


    Valhalla, Hall Of The Fallen[X3]
    Mystical Space Typhoon[X2]
    Gold Sarcophagus[X1]
    Allure Of Darkness[X1]
    Monster Reborn[X1]
    Dark Hole[X1]


    Trap Stun[X2]
    Miraculous Descent[X2]
    Solemn Judgment[X1]
    Torrential Tribute[X1]
    Call Of The Haunted[X1]
    Compulsory Evacuation Device[X2]

    Total # Of Cards In Deck[41]

    Side Deck[15]

    Chain Disappearance[X2]
    Consecrated Light[X2]
    Bottomless Trap Hole[X2]
    System Down[X2]
    Fairy Wind[X2]
    Starlight Road[X1]
    Book Of Moon[X2]
    Thunder King Rai-Oh[X2]

    Extra Deck[15]

    Black Rose Dragon[X2]
    Stardust Dragon[X2]
    Magical Android[X1]
    Ally Of Justice- Catastor[X1]
    Flamvell Urquizas[X1]
    Goyo Guardian[X1]
    Brionac, Dragon Of The Ice Barrier[X1]
    Colossal Fighter[X1]
    Thought Ruler Archfiend[X1]
    Dark End Dragon[X1]
    Ancient Fairy Dragon[X1]
    Scrap Archfiend[X1]
    Ally Of Justice Decisive Armor[X1]

    Well that's all of it!

    The side deck needs some work I just started on it today.

    Since I only use this in KCVDS I don't normally have to side since I normally just face one round per person.

    I REALLY! Like this deck I haven't been really keeping track but id say I have dueled about 40 or 50 times with this deck on KCVDS and i have won at the very least half of those most likely more.

    So please Rate it and give your opinions.

    Thanks In Advance.

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    Re: They Hail From The Sky

    Post by Tyann on Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:10 pm

    Hmm, my fix :

    - 1 Valhalla ( with 2 hecatrice are enough)
    - 1 Miracolous descend

    + 1 Reasoning
    + 1 Return from the different dimension

    This build re good, thought... Very Happy

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    Re: They Hail From The Sky

    Post by Chrono on Mon Oct 18, 2010 6:59 pm

    I dunno about the Reasoning because in my experience I have always draw Chaos Sorcerer or Herald and Herald I nearly NEVER want to be on the field and Chaos will just be sent to the grave if I draw him...

    + KCVDS shuffler is so terrible I might draw all my traps before I even hit a monster.. Sadly its happened to me more than once on KCVDS which is kinda sad...

    However that Return is a good idea I will think about that. Because there are times when I want a few monsters in my grave for whatever reason be it I have call or Monster Reborn or something of the like.

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    Re: They Hail From The Sky

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