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    Yusei's Real life deck.

    Yusei Fudo.

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    Yusei's Real life deck.

    Post by Yusei Fudo. on Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:17 pm

    Hey guys I'm back.
    This is my New blackwing deck rate/fix.
    Blackwing Gale the whirlwind(Gold rare)
    Blackwing Shura the blue flame(Super Rare) x3
    Blackwing Bora the spear x3
    Blackwing kalut the moon shadow x3
    Blackwing Sirocco the dawn x3
    Blackwing Blizzard the far north(Rare) x3
    Blackwing Vayu the emblem of honor(One ultra and one ultimate) x2
    Dark Armed Dragon(Gold rare)

    Black whirlwind x1
    Cards for black feathers(Ultra rare) x2
    Pot of duality(Need 1 more)
    Solidarity(Will take out this for a Pot of duality)
    Allure of darkness(Ultra rare)
    Mystical Space Typhoon x2
    Monster reborn
    Book of moon x2
    Dark Hole

    Delta crow - Anti reverse x2
    Icarus attack(Gold rare) x2
    Bottomless Trap Hole(Gold rare) x2
    Solemn Warning(Ultimate rare) x1
    Mirror Force
    Royal oppression

    Extra deck
    Blackwing Armed wing(Gold Rare) x2
    Blackwing Armor master(Gold rare) x2
    Goyo Guardian(Ultimate)
    Stardust Dragon(Super Rare) x2 they are in 3 bucks now woot!
    Red Dragon archfiend(Super rare) x2 He is at 1.49 bucks woot!
    Brionac,the ice barrier dragon
    Ally of justice catastor.
    Black rose dragon

    So that's it rate and comments pls ^_^

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    Re: Yusei's Real life deck.

    Post by tws1994 on Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:02 pm

    well i would take 1 delta crow and 1 icarus out and put in 2 dimensional prisons
    Yusei Fudo.

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    Re: Yusei's Real life deck.

    Post by Yusei Fudo. on Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:52 pm

    Sounds good Smile
    Thanks for the help.
    If anyone is selling a pot of duality pls let me know.

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    Re: Yusei's Real life deck.

    Post by Rand on Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:25 pm

    if you can get 3 solemn warnings run 3 icarius atk
    also then you should run x3 bom and a TT

    run dualitys over cards for black feathers if you can.

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    Re: Yusei's Real life deck.

    Post by overd0se.KayKay on Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:07 pm

    Icarus Attack
    Staple in a blackwing deck. Run 3

    Gold Sarcophagus
    To search important cards like cold wave, oppression.

    Cold Wave
    2 turns stun for both players. We have Monsters like Sirocco, Kalut, Vayu, Blizzard and more. This card would even let us SS while Oppression is on the field.

    Giant Trunade
    Free Attack for your monsters.

    I think 2 are enough for this Format.

    Delta Crow
    We have 3 Icarus Attacks and can destroy enough.

    Cards for black feather's is your substitude for PoD.

    Solemn Warning
    Dont add more 0-1 is good. This would slow down your deck and would cost a lot of lifepoints.

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    Re: Yusei's Real life deck.

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