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    Atlantis Zero Daedalus


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    Atlantis Zero Daedalus

    Post by Tyann on Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:58 am

    Here is my another secret prototype formula for The Great level 8 water type monster.... Ocean Dragon Lord Neo Daedalus.....
    This monster are very hard to summon, cus it need Daedalus (level 7) for its special summoning condition...But with this combo, it will become more simple to use , i hope.
    Phantom of Chaos, Neo Daedalus, and screech/Foolish burial/Future Fusion are the cards u need to perform this combo..
    skreech/foolish/FF can dump your Daedalus to your grave from deck and then it can be copied by PoC to gave him the same "name" of Daedalus. PoC = Daedalus >> and it can be a fodder to summon Neo Daedalus.
    Neo Daedalus can bring another cathastropic to both player field and hand cards when you control Atlantis field card of course ( In this case, u take 1 card field advantage if you activate this combo, its Neo Daedalus in your field)
    And the another way FTW is to summon Zero, its Possible to summon that fusion monster by FF and Miracle fusion too since i put Ice Edge to another combo ( Its for Dump your usefull cards from your hand)
    Hmm, yeah it called proptotype before because this deck has so many of weakness and so faraway from Perfection (i often got a Very Bad Draw, Thought Neutral ) ... And i need another suggestion and more fix to this deck from all of u...Very Happy Very Happy


    Monster :

    3 X Neo Daedalus
    2 x Daedalus (i think its no use in hand, but its very usable in graveyard)
    3 X Phantom Of Chaos (The Very engine in this deck)
    3 x Skreech (the Very Engine in this deck to Dump Water monsters Quickly)
    1 x sangan
    1 x Codarus
    3 x Elemental Hero Ice Edge (Can be dumped via skreech too)
    1 x Treeborn Frog ( U can special summon this card to summon Daedalus Easily if there are Atlantis in your hand)
    1 x Fishborg Blaster (Another Fodder to summopn Daedalus EAsier)
    2 x Herald of Creation ( Adding 1 Neo Daedalus form your graveyard after u dump it by Those Dumping engine cards)
    1 x Mother Grizzly
    3 x Atlantis Warrior

    Spell :

    3 x Legendary Ocean (Field spell that can be used for perform this combo and to summon Daedalus Easily since it have level 7 >>> summon Treebornfrog then activate this card)
    1 x Umi ( 3 Legendary Ocean is not enought , thought)
    2 x Salvage
    1 x Future Fusion
    1 x Monster Reborn
    2 x Miracle Fusion
    2 x Gold Sarchopagus
    1 x Foolish Burial

    Trap :

    1 x Torrential Tribute
    1 x CoTH
    1 x Return from the different dimension...

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    Re: Atlantis Zero Daedalus

    Post by coolnerdbird on Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:39 am

    Im pretty sure you cannot add more than 3 copies of legendary ocean+umi. Since legendary ocean at all times counts as umi. I think xP

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    Re: Atlantis Zero Daedalus

    Post by Lucci on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:35 pm

    coolnerdbird wrote:Im pretty sure you cannot add more than 3 copies of legendary ocean+umi. Since legendary ocean at all times counts as umi. I think xP

    Yeah he's right. In a real life duel/tournament/whatever, you wouldnt be able to use more then three because they both count as Umi. It's the same situation as the whole Harpie Lady 1/2/3 thing.

    However, Seto hasnt been able to fix this in KCVDS yet, so you can go ahead and do that Razz

    To read about it:


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    Re: Atlantis Zero Daedalus

    Post by catastor on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:38 pm

    i admit 3 ocean is not enough, but i think umi is not the card you are looking for
    try forgotten temple of the deep, maiden of aqua, or pseudo space
    also, i think 3 neo dadealus is over man, replace one neo dadealus with codarus

    just some suggestions, cmiiw

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    Re: Atlantis Zero Daedalus

    Post by overd0se.KayKay on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:24 pm

    This card is ultra. Add 1 or 2 of them.

    +1 and 1800 beastick.

    Dark Hole

    For some more speed with Trade-In use those 2. Stratos makes it easier to use trade-in with those cards.

    Always nice to know the next card you draw after using effects of Norleras or Neo Deadalus

    Pseudo Space
    Is an extra ocean or umi. Add 1 or 2. 3 would cause dead draw.

    Extra Speed + Neo in grave.

    Is the same like Legendary Ocean just without that -1 level effect.

    If you need some field cards use this.

    Extra fodder for Trade-In and usuable with PoC.

    Snowman Eater/Nightmare Pengnuin
    Nice high def WATER Monsters with a nice effect to bounce/destroy. If you need ATK boost or hate stupid Stardusts play Penguin. Otherwise use Snowman Eater.

    Allure of Darknes

    Pot of Duality
    You dont have a lot of cards that need to be special summoned. Use 2 or 3.

    Having cards in your isnt that bad for you. You have PoC, Salvage, Treeborn Frog, Fishborg etc.

    Foolish Burial
    I dislike this card if it isnt in a zombie, ls or infernity deck. You have screech.

    A Legendary Ocean/Atlantis Warrior
    Makes Neo-Deadalus a level 7 Monster. That means no trade-in. And its not good for only 2 Deadalus.

    Return from the Different Dimension
    Lategame card and early dead draw. You cant use it as good as it should be.

    Ice Edge
    Take out some. They are weak.

    Fishborg Blaster
    I just like this card in a frog deck.

    3 are too much imo. 1 or 2 seem to be solid.

    As you can see there are a lot of green cards x) dont put them all in. These are just suggestions.

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    Re: Atlantis Zero Daedalus

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