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    Ultimate Axon deck


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    Ultimate Axon deck

    Post by zaberman on Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:04 pm



    3-Krebons--- stalling and for sync
    1-Psychic Commander
    1-Mind Master--- used this many times to get a level for on the field then sync
    2-Mind Protector--- defense and use with overdrives eff
    1-Psychic Jumper--- besides sync, no real use
    1-Overdrive Teleporter
    2-Psychic Snail--- sync fooder and eff can be useful
    2-Reinforced Human etc--- no real use beside's sync fooder
    1-Armored Axon Kicker--- eff can be useful at times
    1-Master Gig--- eff is real useful most the time also i use star blast with this alot
    1-Psychic Emperor--- eff sometimes useful, also sync and use with star blast alot
    2-Doctor Cranium
    1-Morphing Jar
    1-Chaos Sorcerer


    1-Emergency Teleport
    2-Star Blast
    1-Book of Moon
    1-Monster Reborn
    2-Miracle Synchro Fusion
    1-Double Summon
    2-Pot of Duality


    1-Call of the Haunted
    2-Bottomless Trap Hole
    1-Psychic Rejuvenation
    1-Metaphysical Regenration
    1-Psychic Overload

    15-Extra Deck

    3-Ultimate Axon Kicker
    1-Black Rose Dragon
    1-Stardust Dragon
    then i have 2 of each psychic sync monster on kcvds except
    1-Hyper Psychic Blaster

    I can usually get out an ultimate axon pretty easily, since the psychic sync monsters are levels 5,6,7,8,9. The deck kinda lacks draw power and defense.

    Once i get Ultimate axon out its pretty easy from the usually since it cant be destroyed by card eff's. I want to keep the psychic theme so keep that in mind when you guys comment with improvments ect.

    I'd love someone to build it and give it a run and get your feedback on it.

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    Re: Ultimate Axon deck

    Post by e^ipi+1=0 on Sun Oct 31, 2010 6:20 pm

    -2 Reinforced Human...
    -1 Master Gig (not really flexible)
    -2 Starblast (you only need this to summon *7++ monster)
    -1 Polymerization(don't like a "-2")

    (your synchro monster is just enough to recovery)
    -1 Metaphysical Regenation
    -1 Psychic Rejuvenation.
    -1 Double Summon(once again a "-1", why not use brain research lab/ultimate offering instead...(though i'm not seeing real use of those card in this deck))

    +1 MST
    +1 Psychic Commander(You know overdrive teleporter can only summon Psychic Commander or Protector righ?)
    +2 Telekinetic Power Well
    +1 Mind Jumper (instant *8 with axon kicker,combo well with TPW)
    +3 Ryko, the Lightsworn Hunter(Mill your deck higher chance to get MSF,filling graveyard for TPW....if you're unlucky it'll be milled though Razz)
    +1 Charge of Light Brigade

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