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    1000 Bee-Stings


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    1000 Bee-Stings

    Post by SabreW on Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:15 am

    This one is interesting since some of the cards in here are not used by a lot of people. Also interesting in the fact of it's goal: Attacking multiple times and focusing on Piercing damage. Some cards could be switched in/out of here, but the deck itself is pretty usable.

    Monsters (18):
    3 Hayabusa Knight
    3 Twin-Sword Marauder
    3 Worm Apocalypse
    2 Iron-Blacksmith Kotetsu
    2 Turret Warrior
    2 Drill Synchron
    2 Rhinotaurus
    1 Sangan

    Spells (15):
    1 Axe of Despair
    2 Big Bang Shot
    1 D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation
    1 Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce
    1 Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou
    1 Dark Hole
    2 Double Summon
    1 Fairy of the Spring
    1 Monster Reborn
    1 Reinforcement of the Army
    1 Enemy Controller
    2 MST

    Traps (7):
    1 Negate Attack
    2 Bottomless Trap Hole
    1 Mirror Force
    1 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
    2 Threatening Roar

    Now to answer some questions that might come up:


    Hayabusa Knight: One of my favorite monsters due to his effect of attacking twice, one of the few monsters that could pre-Pharaoh's Servant. He is also one of the main attackers in this deck. Equip him up and go to work.

    Twin Sword Marauder: The other main attacker here. I prefer attacking with HK over this one because of Twin being a target for BTH. His effect lets him inflict piercing damage on a monster, and if it was destroyed, he can attack again. With the equip spell line-up, that piercing damage could be potentially big. Even bigger so with his second attack if no monsters are on your opponents field.

    Turret Warrior: Since most of the monster in here are Warriors, and since I needed some muscle in the deck, I thought I could add him in here. Tribute a warrior for him, he gains ATK equal to the tributed monster. Add some equip spells, and he's an even bigger powerhouse.

    Drill Synchron: This guy is used more for his effect than being a tuner monster here, but can still be used for tuning when the need arises. His effect lets any warrior monster you control inflict piercing damage to your opponent. When it does, you can draw a card. Team him up with Hayabusa, Twin Sword and/or Turret for some real fun.

    Rhinotaurus: This one I have mixed emotions about. His effect lets him attack twice, but only if 2 or more of your opponents monsters have been destroyed in the same battle phase. I put him in there to be sort of an early attacker/defender until you can can get Hayabusa/Twin-Sword out and amped up, but in the tests I ran he didn't get to use his effect much. I'm thinking of switching him out for another Kotetsu or maybe even Armed Samurai Ben Kei (Good Lord! Shocked ), but I'm not sure.


    Axe of Despair: Gives equipped monster 1000 ATK. Any monster in this deck could use an extra 1000, but I like especially like equipping this to Hayabusa or Turret Warrior after he's been Special Summoned.

    Big Bang Shot: Gives a monster 400 ATK and Piercing effect. For certain monsters that can attack multiple times but don't have the effect.

    D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation: For those that go bye-bye thanks to Big Bang Shot, BTH or any other RFG cards, this'll bring 'em back ready to attack!

    Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce: In order to activate this card, you have to lose a card in your hand. This card drops the equipped monsters ATK by 500, but that's a small price to pay for letting them attack twice. If the monster already got a high ATK, then the 500 drop will feel like a scratch to them.

    Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou: Same effect activation as card above, except you gain 500 ATK, and any monster the equipped monster destroys has its effect negated. Attack Flip Effect monsters safely and not worry about them screwing you over afterwards.

    Fairy of the Spring: Revives one Equip Spell form your graveyard, though you'd have' to wait 'til next turn to use it.

    Enemy Controller: Use the 2nd effect if you need to, but the 1st effect is where this cards contributes to the deck. You can switch 1 one of your opponents monsters to Defense mode and hit with some Piercing damage. A lot of strong monsters in the game tend to have low DEF, so this card can screw 'em over really good if they needed to keep that monster on the field.


    The traps in this deck are all about protecting your monsters and keeping them on the field to do their damage. While at the same time they stop your opponent from having monsters while preventing them from attacking as well.

    Now that those are out of the way, I do have to say this is my own original deck idea. I didn't netdeck this, this came out of my own noggin. So comments and criticism are strongly required to help me think up some new/better ideas. in the future. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.

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