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    Darklord Destiny


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    Darklord Destiny

    Post by coolnerdbird on Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:47 am

    Yes. Darklords. It's not pure darklord I know. I'll post the games I play, like the results xP

    3X Darklord Zerato
    3X Darklord Superbia
    3X Dark Lord Asmodus
    3X Armageddon Knight
    3X Dark Grepher
    3X Dark Creator
    1X Dark Armed Dragon
    1X Treeborn ( I need to replace this with something xD)
    1X Doomsday Horror

    Monsters: 23

    3X Monster Rencarnation
    ( ya know, to get my Asmodus back and replace with something else like superbia xP)
    2X Fires of Doomsday ( Tribute fodder FTW)
    3X trade-in (lotsa 8 stars)
    2X MST
    1X Monster Reborn
    1X Monster Gate (yay dumping and a chance of getting a darklord xP)
    1X Foolish Burial
    1X Allure of Darkness
    1X Burial from a DD

    1X Mirror Force


    This deck semms pretty good, lots of dumping cards, and when I get five in the grave I can pretty much wipe the field every turn, since I have like loitsa dark monsters in my deck xD. The problem is once I get it to the field, my rfg becomes really full and my grave not so much xD. Any suggestions would be awesome =)

    EDIT 1: So I need a way to get Dark creator faster, so if anyone can help me with that xD

    1-0 Hopeless Dragon
    1-0 Dragon/Warrior Deck
    1-1 Dark Magician(Got burned to death by 2 magic cylinders xP

    RED= -
    GREEN= +

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    Re: Darklord Destiny

    Post by Tyann on Thu Nov 04, 2010 11:18 am

    Um.. How about Reasoning? If u activate this card in the Very First Turn, iam sure your Opponent will be confuse and His choosen level will be Level 3-5 monster card, xD, Maybe Very Happy
    Phantom Of Chaos Can be a good card in this deck too, maybe... (Copy Fodder are DAD and Dark Creator FTW !!)

    My fix :
    -1 Monster Reincarnation
    -3 Doomsday ( i think this can be good for Zerato only{1 token left for opponent attacking monster, Lol} since your level 8 monster are too many.)

    + 2 Phantom of Chaos
    + 1 Reasoning
    + 1 Return From Different Dimension

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    Re: Darklord Destiny

    Post by coolnerdbird on Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:42 am

    I took out a doomsday and added a burial, so far I've only drawn it once or teice. It hasn't been a dead draw, but it hasn't been expecially lifesaving. I'll see what happens in future duels and let you know. TY for deck fix btw =)

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    Re: Darklord Destiny

    Post by Flameberga on Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:06 pm

    I got no reply yet for my Darklords T_T, so I'll invade urs Razz

    anyways back to topic.

    speed issues, gold sarco?

    and I dont see any reason for not playing Reinforcement of the Army.

    and as Tyann said, Reasoning is way better than Monster Gate, so run it (it's limited to 1 as well)

    I'll suggest Cold Wave/Trunade as well since those Creator + Superbi + Zerato is exactly 8k.

    and if u're confident enough with ur RFG stuff, again as Tyann said, rfDD seems a good choice.

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    Re: Darklord Destiny

    Post by coolnerdbird on Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:45 am

    I feel gold sarc is too slow xP I didnt even think about reinforcement, ill add that thanks =)

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    Re: Darklord Destiny

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