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    The OjAmA^^


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    The OjAmA^^

    Post by Tyann on Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:45 pm

    Here is my Ojama Deck...



    3 X Ojama Yellow
    3 X Ojama Green
    3 X Ojama Black

    The nine above are Ojama Basic Card
    And These is for their support card :

    3 X Ojama Blue (Searchable via Raimei, KeyMouse, Sangan, Light angel, etc But in this deck i prefer to use both sangan and KeyMouse (tuner) instead, lol.)
    2 x Ojama Red , Um i think 3 Ojama Red is not a good idea
    3 x KeyMouse
    1 X Sangan
    2 X Junk syncron (Its works with Ojama)
    1 Green Baboon


    2 X Super Polymerization ( an OTK, maybe? )
    1 X Future Fusion
    3 X Ojama Hurricane
    2 X Ojamagic ( I think adding 3 cards of Ojamagic will become a BadHand ?? )
    3 X Ojama Country
    1 X Foolish Burial
    1 X Monster Reborn


    2 X Limit Reverse
    1 X CoTH
    1 X Damage Condenser (Special summon Ojama from deck easily)
    1 X Damage Gate (Special summon Ojama from Grave Easily)
    1 X Mirror Force

    Total are 40 Cards...
    I think the important point in Ojama Deck is to activating Ojama Blue effect. Ojama Blue has the power to add 2 Cards in OUR deck just like pot of greed and of course it will be reduce 2 card in our deck Quickly. with this Ojama, Basically i will add 2 important ojama cards like country and ojamagic if i didnt have any ojama cards in my hand... Ojamagic will be works well with Ojama country (send 1 ojamagic to special sunmmon ojama blue again, and then we can add 3 cards from Our Deck, Its Black, yellow, and green) and we can activate Ojama Blue again if its sucessfully sended by battle again^^ Very Happy.....
    suggestion and Recomendation are welcomed^^ Very Happy
    the jancok

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    Re: The OjAmA^^

    Post by the jancok on Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:47 pm

    3 ojama's are too much for me, 2 not bad at all i think(red, yellow, green). So remove 1 each to replacing..

    +1 snipe hunter(it worked well)
    +1 dark hole
    +1 torrential tribute
    ^ staple are neeeded.

    I have a deck list ojama's deck so if you want i'll send ya via PM.

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