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    BRV Leader's New Place and The BRV Lounge


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    BRV Leader's New Place and The BRV Lounge

    Post by Tyann on Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:08 am

    Hi BRV (Black Rose Violet)member.. Iam Tyann The Dark_Wise (heh, a little hyperbolic statement of mine, lol xD), but u can call me tyan instead.
    Welcome to my LostHorizon Region, The shangri - La...
    I found this hidden mysterious place by my own research in Himalaya / around of mount everest, Tibet, xD LoL Very Happy And for each BRV member, you can stay on that paradise for resting after the duel, xD Very Happy
    Okay, firstly, thanks to Berkay for his trusty to me to handle BRV dorm in TDA.. i will take this duty and make this BRV to become a wonderful one...
    However, this will be hard for me with this a little suck connection. I can manage a tourney or what but maybe i cannot include myself in those think. and i will try it although iam still New with this rank. And i should to learn from the ex BRV Leader before me >>>
    1) XCross21
    2) Aludra (Fallen angel) > Indo
    3) Firefsp > indo
    But sadly, they are not active as before at now.. And with this new system of TDA (admission form), both BRV and Wiracoha will be flooded by a new member, of course as their new dorm^^
    Hmm, this place is ours and not mine, its why i say this place one as a Lounge... So, All of BRV member can say what their think to develop our dorm with this site. Alrighty, discuss then and have fun^^, i will wisely to listen what u say then and dont forget : feel free to ask:D
    Lastly, you can join this network for more deeply discussion:

    BRV Lounge 1
    pass : wise

    lol lol xD.. Have fun and stay active...

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    Re: BRV Leader's New Place and The BRV Lounge

    Post by Flameberga on Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:56 am

    congrats for ur new room Razz

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    Re: BRV Leader's New Place and The BRV Lounge

    Post by Lucci on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:15 pm

    Lol, your little lounge is a little huge for me. I personally prefer Pandora anyway Razz

    Gratz on being the new BRV leader Tyann Very Happy I know you'll make this dorm great! (But not as great as Archfiend Red, obviously Razz)

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    Re: BRV Leader's New Place and The BRV Lounge

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