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    Reptile Hero


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    Reptile Hero

    Post by Flameberga on Sat Nov 20, 2010 9:34 am

    Here's another deck I've been running for a while because I'm interested in Icarus Attack, and I guess most ppl know how good it is.

    What's the connection between Icarus and Reptile Hero? Yeah, Reptile got a similar Icarus attack as well, so here we go.

    5+11 (16)

    2x Gagagigo
    3x Alien Shocktrooper

    3x Alien Ammonite
    3x Lion Alligator
    3x E Hero Neos Allius
    1x Gemini Lancer
    1x E Hero Stratos

    3x Duality
    3x Gemini Spark
    1X MST
    1x Dark Hole
    1x Monster Reborn
    1x Future Fusion
    1x Miracle Fusion
    1x Reinforcement of the Army

    3x Offering to the Snake Deity
    2x BTH
    2X Dimensional Prison
    2x Hero Blast
    1x Royal Oppression
    1x Mirror Force
    1x Solemn Judgement

    The reason I run these Reptiles with Hero is just because I can get some Abs0 and they're able to generate some plusses with chainable s/t as well as of course 1800/1900 beater.

    Previous model was running Warnings as well but I saw Duality is better to get out Oppre faster.

    I'm thinking to remove those gagagigos but I have no idea yet, they were at 3 + a foolish burial, I cut em to 2 and add a lancer, he's water and not too shabby 1800 beater with possible pierce, most mportantly a gemini.

    Let me know if u have some Question or Suggestion.

    note: Lion Alligator is Raio Aligator in OCG from Premium Pack12 and doesnt exist yet in TCG (or at least I think so).

    edit: add missing RotA =_=

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    Re: Reptile Hero

    Post by WilBer on Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:19 am

    well i think why using gagagigo ? i think better change it with alien with 1800 attack or skreech ( if u want to dump reptiles) also maybe sub d-prison with aoi ?and maybe faustian bargain? idk im not good at YGO

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    Re: Reptile Hero

    Post by Flameberga on Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:50 am

    Faustian Bargain is lol card xD, only from hand.

    I tried Aoi, but it's not really worth it, except chaining it to smashing/bottomless/prison/others.

    and yeah as I said I'm thinking of dropping gagagigo since he's useless, just for getting Absolute Zero and adding 500 atk to Abs 0, made him run over DAD.

    I dont really need reptiles in grave, so I won't put skreech, and he can only dump water if I'm not mistaken (I need to dump only shocktrooper)

    Thanks for replying to both of my decks, which no one replying xD

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    Re: Reptile Hero

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