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    Testing System [Must Read]


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    Testing System [Must Read]

    Post by BERKAY on Sat Nov 27, 2010 4:10 pm

    If you are a new member I would like to welcome you to TDA, if you are an existing member, welcome back. This topic will outline our current testing system in place with the way I test. Testers will place you in a dorm according to the criteria listed here.

    You will be tested on the following 6 categories:

    1. Outcome: (How well you can overcome the tester decks). [?/5 Marks]
    - Testers will use up to 2 different decks in your test.
    - The first Deck (?/3 possible Marks)will be a control style Deck with the ability to control your Graveyard, Field and hand. You will play a match against this control Deck.
    - The second deck (?/2 possible Marks) will be a fast Deck possibly related to a meta style Deck for the current format. It will focus on drawing out the combos needed to finish the duel quickly. You will play a single duel against this Deck.

    2. Awareness: (The ability to understand the field, hand and Graveyard). [?/10 Marks]
    - How well do you know the effect(s) of your cards? How broad is your knowledge on cards not commonly used? You will be tested on your awareness of all cards played on the field by your tester and all cards you possess in your Deck.
    - Testers will be looking for your understanding of a cards effect(s) and will be ensuring you resolve and activate all cards the way they should be in chains.
    - Forgetting to shuffle, forgetting to resolve an effect, forgetting costs etc. all fall in the awareness category.
    - Mistakes will cost you 1 mark.

    3. Knowledge of Rules: (Your understanding of both complicated and basic rulings of gameplay and how game mechanics work). [?/10 Marks]
    - How well do you know your rules? Do you understand the expert rulings? Do you know the basic gameplay rules and how simple chains activate and resolve? You will be tested on the rulings of every single card in your Deck as well as the cards in your tester's Deck.
    - Simple ruling mistakes: Costs, Activation and Targeting, Simple Chains and Types of Effects. These will cost you 1 mark.
    - Expert ruling mistakes: Missing the Timing, Priority, Battle Phase Steps and Substeps. These will cost you 2 marks.
    - Ensure you know the rulings of all your cards in your Deck in both simple and complex situations.

    4. Playstyle: (Using the appropriate field techniques and Deck techniques with the type of Deck you have built). [?/5 Marks]
    - Do you play aggressively? Defensively? Or combine a bit of both for a balanced type of Deck? Testers will be looking at what type of Deck you have and whether the way you play your cards is appropriate in situations.
    - Do you use a Side Deck? Using a Side Deck is very important especially after the first duel in your match. Your ability to side appropriate cards to overcome a difficult deck will also be tested. You do not need to have a already made Side Deck, you can use any cards you like but not siding when appropriate will cause you to lose marks.

    5. Deck Build: (Your style and build of your Deck in comparison to the combos your Deck possesses). [?/10(15) Marks]

    - Does your Deck possess well thought out combos? Do you have draw power? Or a control technique to keep hand/field advantage? You will be tested on how well your Deck has been built and how quickly it is able to use effective combos.

    6. Using you Deck: (Your way of using the cards you are dealt). [?/10(15) Marks]
    - Did you misplay any combos? Did you make mistakes that could have been done differently? How well are you able to use the cards you draw and make the most of your hand? Testers will be looking for how well you can use each of the cards you draw and make the most of the situations you are in.

    Depending on whether you use 1 or 2 Decks for your test will depend on the total marks you will be marked out of. If you use 2 Decks more marks are allocated to the Deck Build and Using your Deck so instead of having a test out of 50 it will be out of 60. Below is the marking scheme for both 1 Deck and 2 Deck tests.

    Rank Legend (One Deck):
    LOW RANK 1/3: 0-7
    LOW RANK 2/3: 8-15
    LOW RANK 3/3: 16-23

    INT. RANK 1/3: 24-29
    INT. RANK 2/3: 30-35
    INT. RANK 3/3: 36-41

    TOP RANK 1/3: 42-44
    TOP RANK 2/3: 45-47
    TOP RANK 3/3: 48-50

    Rank Legend (2 Decks):
    LOW RANK 1/3: 0-9
    LOW RANK 2/3: 10-19
    LOW RANK 3/3: 20-30

    INT. RANK 1/3: 31-36
    INT. RANK 2/3: 37-42
    INT. RANK 3/3: 43-48

    TOP RANK 1/3: 49-52
    TOP RANK 2/3: 53-56
    TOP RANK 3/3: 57-60

    ~Credits to The Detonator Smile

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