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    ryo.bakura's test


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    ryo.bakura's test

    Post by Ryo.bakura on Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:19 pm

    i need i test
    time:all day

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    Re: ryo.bakura's test

    Post by Flameberga on Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:43 pm

    1. How well you can overcome the tester decks. (Outcome) (3/5 Points)
    Your deck was flamvell against one banisher of the radiance and u decided to attack descendant instead of that banisher.
    Your other deck was Hero deck, I didnt see much since 1st duel I saw only regular Zero-Terra deck, and 2nd duel u died early because u didnt set anything.

    Overall both of your decks are nice but it will be better if u put more support cards instead of making pure deck Smile

    2. The ability to understand the field, hand and Graveyard. (Awareness) (2/5 Points)
    - Magical Android's Card Lore: I used Solemn Warning on ur Magical Android and u called eff to get 600 Life, 1stly, if a card get countered, they cant call priority, 2ndly, Magical Android's effect activates during the end phase.
    - Forgetting to shuffle once.
    - Banisher of the Radiance's Card Lore: it's affecting both player field, I intentionally put my cards in graveyard and u didnt say a thing (maybe u just dont care tho :S)

    3. Your understanding of both complicated and basic rulings of gameplay and how game mechanics work. (Knowledge of Rules) (2/5 Points)
    - Woodsman Cards Lore: his effect activates during standby phase, so u cant do something 1st at main phase (summoning, changing battle position) then using his effect.
    - Priorityy Ruling, check above explanation, monsters that had their summoning negated, cant call their priorities.
    - Cost is always paid beforehand, whether the card will be negated or not, u have to pay the cost 1st.

    4) Using the appropriate field techniques an Deck techniques with the ype of Deck you hae built. (Playstyle) (5/5 Points)
    - I didnt see any sidedecking while you have the chance, I already said that Im going for fast pace.
    - You played defensively at 1st and when u saw I set a monster u played offensively with Firedog, u did maintain ur backrows as well (+1) (although most I didnt see most of ur backrows because u didnt use em)

    5) Your style and build of your Deck in comparison to the combos your Deck posesses. (Deck Build) (4/5 Points)
    - As I said above, both decks are quite pure and standard, but u managed to do quite well with it.
    - I saw u used RfDD card in Flamvell deck, it's quite interesting for me since usually people will synchro after rekindling and wont let em RFG instead, but that card was good on our duel because ur flamvells were RFGed due to Banisher.

    6) Your way of using the cards you are given. (Using you Deck) (3/5)
    - U summoned E hero gaia when I have facedown monster, u could've summoned Great tornado instead for higher damage.
    - U didnt do anything to banisher while ur deck is dead to that card.

    Dorms for Points:
    (0-10): Lowest Dorms (Black Rose Violet & Wiraqocha Rasca Violet)
    (10-20): Intermediate Dorms (Archfiend Red & Uru Red)
    (20-30): Expert Dorms (Stardust Blue & Ccapac Apu Blue)

    Since u asked to be in Slifer (in Our dorm it will be Intermediate) and u asked to be a Signer,
    u will be assigned to Archfiend Red. Please go to ur dorm and make ur own room there, u can be creative for ur room name.

    Lastly, welcome to TDA Smile
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