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    heaven test


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    heaven test

    Post by heaven333 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:07 pm

    i wanna be stested kcvds name:HEAVEN333



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    Re: heaven test

    Post by Supreme_King on Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:06 pm

    Join the test ham, I am willing to test ya.


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    Re: heaven test

    Post by heaven333 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:36 pm

    already been tested few moments ago im vry happy hope to get good results

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    Re: heaven test

    Post by Flameberga on Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:40 pm

    Supreme_King wrote:Join the test ham, I am willing to test ya.


    actually his ham name is very different from his kcvds name or any ham name in the left, that's why I was a bit confused and asked him to post this.
    Anyway here's the result.

    1. How well you can overcome the tester decks. (Outcome) (2/5 Points)
    Your deck seems unable to play well with the presence of Banisher of the Radiance, u did good job on removing him consistently, but then u cant beat high atk dark monsters since u're relying on catastor. After I side in Dimfiss u did even worse again. On the 2nd deck, u had the chance to overcome my play but by showing both of ur set cards and cancelled to play it and let me read ur play.

    Overall both of your 1st deck is nice but u should consider some other cards for side decking.
    About ur 2nd deck, I dont really see much, only masked dragon and alius which for me doesnt really have any connection.

    2. The ability to understand the field, hand and Graveyard. (Awareness) (0/5 Points)
    - Vandy's Card Lore(Vandalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord): I negated ur MST and u asked which card I want to destroy, Vandy's eff when negating spell is inflicting 1500 damage.
    - Dimensional Fissure's Card Lore: u just simply forgot it after half game xD (U said cherry eff when dimfiss was face up, cherry didnt send to grave so its eff cant be activated, also cliff's effect, as well as oak's)
    - Naturia Cliff's Card Lore: u summoned 1 naturia in defense position by using his effect.

    3. Your understanding of both complicated and basic rulings of gameplay and how game mechanics work. (Knowledge of Rules) (0/5 Points)
    - Synchro Summon: u cant Synchro with face down monster (or else my previously used Book of Moon will be useless xD).
    - Damage Step: u cant activate torrential or bottomless trap hole during damage step.
    - Speel speed: cards with lower spell speed cant negate cards with higher spell speed.
    - All magic cards are sent to graveyard after resolving (except continuous magic cards) not straight after they're activated. (Trap cards as well actually)
    - Cost: When u cant pay the cost of a card, then u cant activate it's effect.

    4) Using the appropriate field techniques an Deck techniques with the ype of Deck you have built. (Playstyle) (3/5 Points)
    - u played offensively with any decks and tried to give best pressure u can, it's not a bad thing but it's better to be careful when u're going to swarm without protection and ur oppoennt have 3-4 backrows.
    - idk u tried to cheat with not returning Pot of Duality revealed cards or u drew extra cards by KCVDS error but u had 7 cards during ur 1st turn.

    5) Your style and build of your Deck in comparison to the combos your Deck posesses. (Deck Build) (4/5 Points)
    - As I said, 2nd deck was unclear with random masked dragon.
    - 1st deck was good enough, having all earth monsters giving access to both Beast and Barkion, as well as maintaining field presence with cliff.

    6) Your way of using the cards you are given. (Using you Deck) (3/5)
    - U did read wrongly for ur own cards, thus suiciding and placing u on bad position.

    Dorms for Points:
    (0-10): Lowest Dorms (Black Rose Violet & Wiraqocha Rasca Violet)
    (10-20): Intermediate Dorms (Archfiend Red & Uru Red)
    (20-30): Expert Dorms (Stardust Blue & Ccapac Apu Blue)

    Since u prefer to be a Signer, then u will be assigned to Archfiend Red. Please go to ur dorm and make ur own room there, u can be creative for ur room name.

    Lastly, welcome to TDA Smile
    Topic Locked.

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    Re: heaven test

    Post by Sponsored content

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