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    Opressed People (Stressed People) !


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    Opressed People (Stressed People) !

    Post by Tyann on Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:34 pm


    People running About, United Resistance, and Oppressed people have been planned for theirs huge revolution to free them from high tax executed by theirs government. They only think how to destroy those evil government, xD
    (what a bunch of non sense from mine, xD)
    would you help them for theirs huge revolution? xD so i think they need Hero to help them too..
    Yea, this deck are really crazy looking..
    But Comment and suggestion are welcomed for this funny deck^^


    2 X Avian
    2 X Bustrianix
    3 X Alius
    1 X Stratos
    3 X Tune Warrior
    2 X People Running about
    2 X Opressed people
    2 X United Resistance
    2 X Lobster (normal monster level 3)
    1 X Water tuner (forgot the name)

    SPELL :

    3 X Enhaching Fifting Room (need best luck here)
    2 X Gold Sarco
    3 X Miracle fusion
    2 X Swing Of Memorie
    1 X Monster R
    3 X Gemini Spark
    1 X Future

    TRAPS :

    2 X Huge Revolution (need opressed people, people running about, and united resistance for vanish all cards in both opponent field and hand)
    2 x Common Charity
    1 X return from different dimension

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