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    Lavi's Test


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    Lavi's Test

    Post by Lavi on Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:25 pm

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    between 7 and 8 pm.


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    Re: Lavi's Test

    Post by BERKAY on Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:37 pm

    First duel was my favor as 2-0. I used Dark Simorgh feat. Debris deck which need lock field and allow me see how you use your graveyard. He used his Mixed Deck which coonsider Debris Dragon, Kuriboh, Winged Kuriboh and full of randomness.

    Second duel was his favor 0-1. I used a Fabled deck which I called as A Fabl and which is very speed at OTK and full with draw by the effect of Fabled Ragin. Because of shuffler, I draw full Tuner monsters.

    1. Outcome: (How well you can overcome the tester decks). [1/5 Marks]
    - You were very very bad about use your graveyard and hand. You need to combine your cards for graveyard and hand for time you need them. When Simorgh locked your sets, you even didn't use a monster or spell/trap to stop me. I even allowed you take my Stardust with your Tuner's Scheme. But I already got it. You could stop me easily. It was 0/3 Marks.
    - I know you'd lose againist this deck if we don't count shuffler mechanism. However win is win. 1/2 Marks.

    2. Awareness: (The ability to understand the field, hand and Graveyard). [1/10 Marks]
    - You asked me that could you negate Dark Simorgh's attack with Stardust's effect. I thought you should be kidding.
    - By the way you asked me every turn from summon until end of duel about Dark Simorgh's effect. Yes you can't set as long as it's face-up on the field.
    - There were so many mistakes about understading effects. What else... I used Karma Cut to remove your Ruby and you asked me that is it removed or go S&T zone. I may telorate this because it's about KCVDS's opportunity. 1/10

    3. Knowledge of Rules: (Your understanding of both complicated and basic rulings of gameplay and how game mechanics work). [2/10 Marks]
    - For example for types of effects you don't know Dark Simorgh's effect is continious. It was a mistake about Types of Effect.
    - When I summoned Black Rose Dragon I used my priority and you actived Tuner's Scheme to got it. It was a mistake about Priority.

    4. Playstyle: (Using the appropriate field techniques and Deck techniques with the type of Deck you have built). [1/5 Marks]
    - I think you played very wrong for a Crystal Beast deck. You shouldn't set that many S&T for this deck. You also play aggressively with that deck.
    - You were very defensive in first deck. I think you should do contrary for both decks.
    - There is another mistake about express your tactics to oppenent. You put Winged Kuriboh, Kuriboh and Debris Dragon once in face-up and you set like four cards every time you do this. If you do so, your oppenets will understand you have something to defend yourself.

    5. Deck Build: (Your style and build of your Deck in comparison to the combos your Deck possesses). [3/15 Marks]
    - Your Mixed deck was random too much. I know it was a Mixed deck but there is even a balance in Mixed decks.
    - You had Agido in Crystal Beast deck. It was so non-sense if you ask me. Because summoning a Crystal Beast doesn't save you. So why you want its long effect?

    6. Using your Deck: (Your way of using the cards you are dealt). [0/15 Marks]
    - Firstly you never used your drawn cards, you act like you have only a field. It's very wrong. You should think slyly and foxily to get better moves. You also forgot to use Torrential Tribute againist Dark Armed Dragon. This shows you may even forget your field which you only careful about.
    - You ever didn't use any combos. You just attacked with your monster in second deck.

    According Rand Legend 2, you have 6 Marks and since you wanted to choose to be Signer, you are welcomed to Black Rose Violet Dorm as 1/3 rank. You can open your own dorm room there. Good luck and have fun in TDA. Have a good days and stay away from spam. Topic locked.

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