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    PhantomVIII's Test


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    PhantomVIII's Test

    Post by phantomVIII on Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:14 am

    Well I would like to request a test. I was assigned to the lowest dorm from the old addmission system and this will be my 1st test.
    The Detonator

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    Re: PhantomVIII's Test

    Post by The Detonator on Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:58 am

    Black Garden Control vs Blackwings: 2-0 his favour (3/3)
    Reptillianne Zero vs Scraps: 1-0 his favour (2/2)
    Total: 5/5

    Awareness: 8/10
    - Caius the Shadow Monarch card lore (-1)
    - Forgetting Scrap Dragon's effect (-1)

    Simple things can sometimes add up. Luckily for you the mistakes made you either corrected, or didn't influence the duel outcomes. Ill go through them anyway. Forgetting Caius has a bit of an influence but wouldn't have changed the win, you removed Gravekeeper's Spy but forgot to take the 1000 Life Point burn damage from the effect. You still would have won the duel however so this didn't influence the outcome. Forgetting Scrap Dragon has the most influence, since Scrap Dragon is a mandatory effect it must summon a Scrap Monster from your Graveyard when destroys. You almost forgot to do so and then remembered during the next turn and I allowed you to fix your mistake. Apart from this everything else was good.

    Knowledge of Rules: 9/10
    - Naga's effect vs manual position change (-1)

    Not much to say. Your ruling knowledge is up to par. The only thing worth nothing was just the Naga battle position change. Even though Naga states that she is to be changed to attack position during my End Phase, this does not stop me from manually changing her battle position in my Main Phase.

    Playstyle: 3/5
    - Maintenance of advantage (-1)
    - Lack of knowledge of Scrap Decks (-1)

    Your lack of knowledge on Scraps didn't help you here. You could have won the duel much quicker with the cards you had if you knew more about the combos. I won't go into detail here (I'll leave that to the using your Deck section),

    Deck Build: 12/15
    - Blackwings (8/10)
    - Scraps (4/5)

    Your Deck building skills are good. You know the essentials needed in both the Decks you used and had them included. Both Decks showed me the key cards required to make them a good Deck but that's about all i saw. I didn't see any tech cards in your Blackwings that gave it that extra punch and I was surprised about you not including Vayu in the Deck. Vayu is a nice Icarus Attack tribute fodder and card advantage when you have Black Whirlwind with low attack Blackwings like Gale or Blizzard. Your Scraps included some nice techs though and I was quite pleased with that. Gravekeeper's Spy is a nice inclusion for the Arcanite Magician Combo and Morphing Jar was also something different. Although I do believe Morphing Jar may not be the best tech in the Deck since you will be keeping hand advantage with Scraps through Scrapstorm and the effects of Beast and Goblin so maybe rethinking the Jar would be an option.

    Using your Deck: 12/15
    - Blackwings (10/10)
    - Scraps (2/5)

    Your lack of knowledge on scraps made you not see the combos you had set up on the field. For example, you had Scrap Beast and Scrap Dragon on the field. You hadn't normal summoned that turn and you had Scrap Chimera in the Graveyard. You used Scrap Dragon to destroy Beast and a card of mine but failed to use Beasts effect to get Chimera and then synch for another monster. Other combos with the scraps you kept missing were popping up throughout the duels. Mostly they included Scrap Dragon, and the cards you could have destroyed to simply create bigger advantage for yourself. With practice you will find that the playstyle and use of scraps will become easier.

    Total: 49/60

    Rank: Stardust Blue 1/3

    Rank Legend:
    LOW RANK 1/3: 0-9
    LOW RANK 2/3: 10-19
    LOW RANK 3/3: 20-30

    INT. RANK 1/3: 31-36
    INT. RANK 2/3: 37-42
    INT. RANK 3/3: 43-48

    TOP RANK 1/3: 49-52
    TOP RANK 2/3: 53-56
    TOP RANK 3/3: 57-60

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