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    Colourful Scrapy


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    Colourful Scrapy

    Post by Tyann on Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:46 pm

    Be a creative and powerful is my motto in YGO game...
    I like draw and draw, so i usually put so many draw engine in my deck. Or make a deck which allow me to draw quickly to get my planned combo. Scrap deck is good for me (activate ScrapYard is a delicious move for me), so i think it will be good if i make its variant.
    Scrap deck is all purpose to syncro summon that scrap Dragon Quickly (That Chimera is only allow us to syncro summon scrap monster, though), so i think its good if i manipulate its riskly effect to be more advantage than before.
    scrap dragon effect : -1 card in ur field and -1 card in ur oponent field. so how to make that effect to be more advantage? wild tornado, gear town, and phoenix is da best fodder for his effect, though. Actually there are more cards that support this monster just like dark coffin and widespread dud, but i think its just weird cardoz, xD
    with wild tornado, scrap dragon's effect will be : -1 ur field card and -2 ur opponents field card. Treeborn frog is a good card to make scrap dragon effect changed to become that Koaki meiru maximus effect (destroy 1 card freely). If i tribute phonix, it will more cool, cuz i think it will confuse ur opponents and make him to think again to set his trap or not next turn, xD and my phoenix is only for traps / spell destroyer, xD. and gear town is purposed on OTK, if i luck. what a colourful deck of mine, though Very Happy and it makes me a little confuse too scratch

    Monster :

    3 X Chimera
    2 X Scrap Beast
    3 X scrap goblin
    1 X scrap Golem
    1 X Scrap hunter
    1 x sangan
    1 X Morphing Jar
    2 X Debris
    1 X Gadjiltron
    2 x dandy
    1 x frog
    2 X Phoenix
    2 x Hand of Nephtys

    SPELL :

    2 X Gear Town
    3 x scrapyard
    3 X Scrapstrom
    1 X Trade In
    1 x Monster R
    1 X Scapegoat
    1 x Foolish
    1 x Mind control
    1 x Scrap Lube

    TRAP :

    3 X Wild Tornado and 1 X Torential tribute

    Thanks for the attention, suggestion / recomendation are welcomed Very Happy

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    Re: Colourful Scrapy

    Post by Flameberga on Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:50 pm

    throw a GUB there Smile (and some space for formulas)

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    Re: Colourful Scrapy

    Post by BERKAY on Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:01 pm

    -2 Nephthys
    -2 Hand
    -2 Debris Dragon
    -2 Dandylion
    -1 Scrap Hunter
    +3 GK Spy
    +1 GK Guard/Descendant
    +1 Scrap Beast
    +1 Scrap Golem

    -2 Geartown
    -1 Trade-In
    -1 Scrap Lube
    -1 Spacegoat
    +1 Giant Trunade
    +2 Mystical Space Typhoon
    +1 Pot of Avarice
    +2 Pot of Duality
    +1 Dark Hole

    -3 the trap later Foolish Burial Razz
    +1 Mirror Force
    +1 Solemn Judgement
    +2 Solemn Warning

    -1 Scrap Twin Dragon
    -1 Ancient Fairy Dragon
    +2 Arcanite Magician

    Sorry but I don't have enough time to long explaination. I know you'll see if you use my fixes. Wink

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    Re: Colourful Scrapy

    Post by e^ipi+1=0 on Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:51 am

    Yeah, I already saw you changing his deck to GK Scrap =/

    Side your Wild Tornado for Dust Tornado/MST, versatility >> power.
    do you know that you can chain dust tornado to scrapdragon?or if you love draw, even Jar of Greed works. it'll still give a+1.
    and also, note that Summoning Scrap Dragon with Dandy+Debris+Token will made you lose priority to use Scrap Dragon's effect if your opponent's have BTH/TT or something like that.

    And...I'd probably -1hunter, +1 Golem.
    +Next Time you post your deck, please keep the number of monster Spell and trap to be visible even after the image croped.

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    Re: Colourful Scrapy

    Post by BERKAY on Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:20 pm

    e^ipi+1=0 wrote:@Berkay
    Yeah, I already saw you changing his deck to GK Scrap =/
    He can prefer Ryko and some other LS stuff. But Nephthys and Debris are not good for Scrap for my side.

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    Re: Colourful Scrapy

    Post by Sponsored content

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