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    Nova's Test


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    Nova's Test

    Post by Nova on Mon Jan 31, 2011 1:01 pm

    I dunno how this works but i need a test
    My time zone is whatever the timezone is in illinois

    Omfg how hard can it be to get a test...
    The Detonator

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    Re: Nova's Test

    Post by The Detonator on Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:04 pm

    Black Garden Control vs Flamvell/Synchron/Diva: 2-0 his favour (3/3)
    Dandy token Party vs Flamvell/Synchron/Diva: 1-0 my favour (0/2)
    Total: 3/5

    Awareness: 9/10
    - My Body As A Shield vs Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (-1)

    Awareness was not bad, you did try to stay on top of that often correcting mistakes within seconds after a phase you made them which was good to see. The one mistake you did make however refers to Trishula's non-destruction effect and My Body As A Shield's negation of destruction effects. Since Trishula does not destroy cards but instead removes them from play, My Body As A Shield will not negate her effect and destroy her.

    Knowledge of Rules: 5/10
    - Morphing Jar #2 Card Lore (-2)
    - Battle Phase and Damage Step (-1)
    - Order of Chains (-1)
    - Continuous Spell/Trap cards (-1)

    Your ruling knowledge is average. Some of the more advanced rulings of the game seem to be lacking in your dueling. With Morphing Jar #2, you returned 2 Synchro Monsters to the Extra Deck, these monsters do not count toward the total monsters you need to summon to the field and so you will only pick up cards until, you get 1 monster (which is for the Flamvell Firedog you also returned). Your second mistake was only picking up 3 cards, and even though you didn't get a monster you stopped there. It is crucially important to read the lore of cards on the field or in the graveyard to understand exactly what the card is asking you to do, otherwise people might be able to cheat against you. With the battle phase, when Flamvell Firedog attacked my face-down Morphing Jar #2, it was returned to the Deck. Morphing Jar #2 remains on the field while this effect takes place until its fully resolved. After that it is then sent to the Graveyard. Flamvell Firedogs effect is supposed to activate once the monster is sent to the Graveyard, but since it is no longer face-up on the field, but in the Deck, it cannot be activated. Your order of chains had to do with My Body As A Shield. You activated Bottomeless first on my Trishula and then My Body, this was illegal due to the fact that My Body is a negation card, and negation cards need to be chained directly to the card you want to negate which is Trishula. Lastly the properties of Continuous Cards like Call of the Haunted make them remain face-up on the field until they are destroyed. Lastly Call of the Haunted needs the monster it targeted to be destroyed so it can destroy itself, if the monster is removed by another method then Call of the Haunted must remain face-up on the field with no effect.

    Playstyle: 2/5
    - Maintenance of advantage (-1)
    - Card choice (-1)
    - Plays (-1)

    Your lack of advantage came about trying to get Red Nova Dragon out onto the field every duel. Once I dealt with Red Nova you had about a -5 advantage in comparison to me and only won the first 2 duels due to the errors in rulings you had. This loss of advantage is why Red Nova and Shooting Star Dragon Decks are not made. The cards require too big of a loss of advantage to pull out and usually don't last on the field for long since they are not hard to get rid of. Your choice of what cards to use or activate also hurt you with you making plays that didn't make sense when you had better things you could have used to keep advantage or further hurt me. More of this in using your Deck.

    Deck Build: 7/10
    - Flamvell/Synchron/Diva

    It wasn't bad. You had built your Deck around Red Nova and built it in a decent way. The use of Diva and plague as your level 2 tuners was a great idea but the Deck definitely lacked a great presence with your card advantage disappearing within a few turns and turning into a struggle to win. I saw only 1 Rekindling used and a lack of searching and draw power to get what you needed as soon as it was needed. You had to start with a good hand in your duels otherwise you were in trouble.

    Using your Deck: 5/10
    - Flamvell/Synchron/Diva

    Your Deck did exactly what it aimed to do: bring out Red Nova Dragon. But it was not the wisest and best moves you could have and should have been making if you looked at and around the field before making them. In duel 1, your choice of Black Rose Dragon over Arcanite Magician cost you. You could have won that duel fairly if you simply got the monster you needed to clear my field of my Morphing Jar #2 which tooke care of your Synchro monsters next turn. The next duel you took my advice and used Arcanite, but again lacked in using him effectively. You used his effect once and then either forgot or didnt realise you could use effect again next turn. Instead of using it to destroy my Dimensional Prison you knew i had and was worried about you ended your turn. That allowed me the next turn to get rid of your Red Nova Dragon straight away. Your thought processes need to assess your field and my field all the time. Make sure you remember what you can do and what is there to plan your moves and your attack options.

    Total: 31/50

    Rank: Archfiend Red 2/3

    Rank Legend (One Deck):
    LOW RANK 1/3: 0-7
    LOW RANK 2/3: 8-15
    LOW RANK 3/3: 16-23
    INT. RANK 1/3: 24-29
    INT. RANK 2/3: 30-35
    INT. RANK 3/3: 36-41
    TOP RANK 1/3: 42-44
    TOP RANK 2/3: 45-47
    TOP RANK 3/3: 48-50

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    Re: Nova's Test

    Post by CatGirl on Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:09 pm

    Test completed. Smile

    You can make your room in your assigned dorm.

    Topic Locked.

    ~ cat

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    Re: Nova's Test

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