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    Stream's Test and his question


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    Stream's Test and his question

    Post by Stream on Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:56 pm

    Yea i need a test
    Same stuff as nova

    and my question is why is Yugi in the middle of the banner when this is a TURBO duel academy? Thank you if u can answer it

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    Re: Stream's Test and his question

    Post by Tyann on Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:51 am

    Lol.. i think ur question is unique. Very Happy
    i ll try to answer it with unique approximation method also ^^

    yugi is an old character in Yugioh Series and he introduce all other character how to duel with a high skill he always use (i think its just a lucky hand)..Yugi is king of duelist in all of timeline. Without yugi, The academy of yugioh in Generation Next series will never exist (i think Dartz will lead the world and ready for destruct the world just like his atlantis if Yugi cannot defeat him, XD LOL). And of course Yusei who live in the most future, will never exist too as this consecuences. So Yugi, is still the main character in all of yugioh series. Its why The title was still Yu-Gi-Oh (not Ja-Den-Oh or Yu-Sei-Oh) although there are no yugi in 5ds or GX as the main character (Yugi is only another advisor of Judai besides yubel in GX, xD Very Happy).. Its my theory, why Yugi is so important and he deserves to always present in the middle of other character..Please dont laugh after read this

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