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    Joey Wheeler's test


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    Joey Wheeler's test

    Post by Lunchbox on Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:24 pm

    Outcome of total duels:
    Macro Monarch v.s. Lightsworn : 2-1 his favor (3/3)
    Blackwing v.s. Blackwing : 1-0 my favor (2/2)

    Total: 5/5

    Awareness: 10/10

    Not really much to say here, you knew what was going on around the field and you came to take names.

    Knowledge: 9/10
    -1 Vayu

    You knew how to play each card you played and I played. You actually read the cards that you didn't know instead of just going all out. Great job. There was this one little mistake but you caught it when I destroyed one of your monsters with my Blackwing - Shura The Blue Flame and I used his effect and special summoned Blackwing - Vayu The Emblem Of Honor and synchroed for a level 5 and you said "no" or you can't do that"
    or something like that but then you caught yourself and understood what I did. I just think you were having just a brain fart though.

    Play Style: 3/5
    -1 To aggressive
    -1 Not thinking before moving

    Your play style was very good and aggressive. But sometimes players can be a little too aggressive. For example, during our Blackwing v.s. Blackwing duel I had Royal Oppression out and you noticed that my life points were rather low (4400 I think)and you just kept special summoning because you knew I was going to negate it but you kinda went a little to far. You kept special summoning until you had no cards in your hand so that means I had hand advantage and those cards you kept special summoning that went to the graveyard I saw a huge combo that you could have done that would have won you the game.

    Deck Build: 10/15

    - Lightsworn: 8/10
    - Blackwing: 2/5

    You Lightsworn deck was very good, love the combos and more. Your deck building skills were very solid. You can do a lot better on your Blackwing deck. I would suggest taking out Magic Cylinder and Blackwing - Etesian the second sword and a few more I can't remember what else you had that was kind of random.

    Using your deck: 13/15
    -Lightsworn: 10/10
    -Blackwing: 3/5

    Your knowledge on running a Lightsworn deck is very good. Abnormally good. You pulled a lot of great combos to take out my spells and monsters and to get your Judgment Dragon back. Very impressive I must say. Your knowledge on running Blackwings on the other hand was decent/ok. You could have done a lot better then what you did with the Blackwings. I don't know if your still kinda new to them or just getting use to them. But I would stick to Lightsworns if I were you. They seem to be your strong point.

    Total: 50/60

    Rank: Stardust Blue 1/3

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