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    TheUnknow Tests result.


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    TheUnknow Tests result.

    Post by Gothicmess on Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:27 am

    Synthetic revolution vs Flamvell Synchro 2-1
    Synthetic revolution vs Junk Debris

    Deck build

    Flamvell 7/10

    I did see some action after the 5-6 turn on both, which leads me to believe that you can only play the deck when you see the known combos in front of you, waiting for your opponent to kill of your monsters for you to make your move is not always a smart option, it's good to have a backup plan where you can be aggressive if needed.

    You will gain advantage if you kill of your opponents monsters while you have the chance, don't ;et your opponent get the best of the field presence, dominate while you have the chance and don't rely on rekindling that much in todays meta, find another way to dump your monsters if needed, I saw a card destruction there, that was a + on My book, good tech.

    Junk Debris 7/10

    Sorry I didn't get to see a second match with this deck, really wanted to see if it was the Turbo synchro deck I saw a while back, sync and keep up the draw power x]

    Just keep in mind that draw power is nothing if the only thing you draw are draw support cards, just keep it in mind, I've seen a lot of turbo decks go down because of this.

    I got to see some tech cards, but the deck didn't do it for me, either on the draw power, attack nor defense.


    Reliant, you need to be open to analyze the field, hand and control areas, don't depend on the idea behind the deck and go beyond that, Flamvell do some extensive burn damage, debris and junk can be accessed quickly with some support cards, I would like to see some rapid improvement on this department during the week, I do see some potential in the Flamvell deck.

    Observation skill

    Iron core field card requires a cost, all throughout the third duel I did not have an Iron core and you did not call me on the maintenance cost, keep an eye open on the opponents cards.

    I payed the maintenance cost for 2 cards in separate occasions and set a trap after that, keep in mind that the cost is at the end phase and I can no longer do anything unless specified by a card, and not game mechanics like setting or placing cards on the field.

    Ruling knowledge.

    Heres My real problem, you lack intermediate and advanced ruling knowledge.

    Lest start by the first scenario.

    Peten the dark clown
    : Peten the dark clown cannot activate it's effect unless the action of him being sent to the grave is the last effect to activate. Example.

    Peten the dark clown would be able to activate his effect if destroyed by Raigeki break because the chain has resolved.

    Rageki break Chain 1
    Destroys Peten the dark clow.
    Peten starts another chain, hence resolving normally, optional effects can only be activate as a chain link 1 or forming a chain with the same game phase (IE: End phase, battle step, damage step, and so on).

    So, in short, if you tribute Peten for a Jinzo, Peten gets tributed and then Jinzo comes into play, since you cannot interrupt a resolution with an optional effect, read, "Optional effects" for more info.

    Exiled forces vs Skill drain

    This one is a bit more simple, to tribute Exiled forces is a cost, skill drain does not negate costs. Since Forces will no longer be face up, the effect resolves normally.

    Same goes for Rescue cat and so on. Read "Skill drain ruling" for more info. Would be under costs vs effects.


    Normal or continuous trap cards cannot be activated during the damage step, unless specified on the card itself

    Hence why Bottomless trap hole cannot be activated at this time, nor Royal oppression, you can negate the effect though, not all is lost x]

    Rekindling vs Dark horn of heaven

    You cannot negate the summon of a monster summoned via an effect (Dark tomato, giant rat, call of the hunted etc.), you can only negate the effect of the card summoning it.

    So dark horn cannot be activated at that moment.

    Read Inherit vs Non inherit summons. this is where you get to the advanced ruling.

    Random ranting

    All in all you do show promise, you do not yet have the skill to be intermediate nor advanced material but, I will place you on the intermediate dorm, I know that you'll get better real quick, just read the suggestions I mentioned and you should be fine, will be up the ranks in no time.

    Uru Red 1/3
    Make your way to the dorm and make a room for yourself, keep reading and make a name for yourself/

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    Re: TheUnknow Tests result.

    Post by SharpEyedHawk on Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:30 am

    Another one for me Razz

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