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    YGO Duelist Academy/Episode 1.11: "..And So It Begins!"


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    YGO Duelist Academy/Episode 1.11: "..And So It Begins!"

    Post by LightOfLife on Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:05 pm

    EPISODE 1.11: "..And So It Begins!"
    WRITTEN BY: LightOfLife

    DAPHNE: "Hurry guys! It landed somewhere over here!"
    SHANE: "DAPHNE! Wait! We don't anything about this, don't rush in.."
    CELESTE: "Shane's right Daph, slow down & let's talk about this.."
    REAU: "It's no use guys, once Daphne has her mind set on something there's no changing it!"

    BERTHA: "Oww..cramp! Why we always running everywhere?"

    RORY: "Hey mate, are you okay? Can you hear me?"

    RORY: "Oww..HOT! Hmm..I need to get him out of there! I know.."

    RORY: "It may work, it may not but I can't just leave him here.."

    RORY: "Volcanic Slicer, I summon you!"

    RORY: "Volcanic Slicer enter the crator & retrieve the boy! But, turn down your heat when carrying him out!"

    Slicer lays the boy down, as Rory walked over to him>

    RORY: "Nice work, Slicer! Thanks buddy.."

    RORY: "Hmm..your alive, but just barely! I better get him to Ms. Fontaine, stat!"

    SHANE: "(shouting)..Hey, who's that over there?"
    CELESTE: "I don't know, can't make them out.."
    DAPHNE: "(smiled a little)..RORY!!"
    CELESTE: "REALLY?! Oh my god! How do I look?"
    REAU: "Like you've just been hit by a bus! (Reau laughs to herself)"
    BERTHA: "Guys, stop! Not now, yeah.."
    SHANE: "Yeah, knock it off you too!"
    CELESTE & REAU: "Fine!"

    DAPHNE: "Who's this?"
    RORY: "I found him in that cartor over there!"
    DAPHNE: "No way!"
    REAU: "What? No alien? DAMN!"
    CELESTE: "Reau, I wouldn't get to disappointed, after all you are Duelist Academy's resident alien girl, anyway!"

    SHANE: "GIRLS! Please.."
    CELESTE & REAU: "Hmph.."
    BERTHA: "So that boy came from the sky?"
    DAPHNE: "Looks that way.."
    SHANE: "Amazing! Is he alive?"
    RORY: "Yes, but just barely! We need to get him to Ms. Fontaine immediately though.."

    DAPHNE: "Right! Then,w hat are we waitin' for, let's hurry!"
    RORY: "RIght behind ya, sis!"
    SHANE: "Rory, I'll help you carry him.."
    RORY: "No it's good thanks Shane, I can carry him on my back..But could one of you grab, my bag over there please?"

    RORY: "..Err--Thanks..(not knowing Bertha)..Who are two?"
    DAPHNE: "Can we do this, later? We need to move!"
    RORY: "Oh right.."


    FONTAINE: "Children, what's the matter?"
    RORY: "We found this boy out in the forest barely breathing..So we rushed him here for medical attention.."

    FONTAINE: "Oh my! Bring him over to the bed here, Rory.."
    RORY: "Okay.."

    FONTAINE: "Okay! Daphne pass me that syringe over there.."
    DAPHNE: "(I rushed over to the medication trolley)..This one?"
    FONTAINE: "Yes.."
    DAPHNE: "Okay.."

    FONTAINE: "Okay, this should stablize his vitals but I'm going to need the oxygen machine.."

    SHANE: "On it!"

    FONTAINE: "Thanks Shane.."
    SHANE: "No problem.."
    BERTHA: "His going to be okay, isn't he?"
    FONTAINE: "Yes he will, but i'm going to need to keep a close watch on him, over the enxt 24 hours.."

    REAU: "That's good.."

    FONTAINE: "You guys brought him here just in time or he probably wouldn't have made it..So whoever this boy is, he owes you guys his life.."

    DAPHNE: "I'm just glad his, okay.."
    RORY: "Same here.."
    FONTAINE: "I've seen him around here, before he must be new.."

    DAPHNE: "Yeah, that must be it right, Rory?
    RORY: "Oh yeah, totally must be that.."
    FONTAINE: "And you found him like this, right?"
    RORY: "Yeah, that's right.."
    FONTAINE: "Hmm..I'll have to talk with Chancellor Sheppard & get some sort of identification from him.."

    SHANE: "(nervously like the others)..Err--Ms. Fontaine, we can do that for you, right guys?"

    REAU: "Oh yeah, absolutely.."
    CELESTE: "We wanna be helpful.."
    BERTHA: "Heh, plus whoever this guy is, he needs your undivided attention.."
    DAPHNE: "I agree, Ms. Fontaine! Let them go speak to Chancellor Sheppard! Rory & I can stay here and help, if need anything.."

    FONTAINE: "(thinking)..Hmm, okay! But, please ask the Chancellor for all the student files we have, so I can identify him.."

    SHANE: "Will do! We won't be long.."
    BERTHA: "Yeah, see you all soon!"

    FIEND: "The co-ordinates seem to lead me here, this is where the boy must have landed..(he smells the air)..Over there, the crator!"

    FIEND: "Hmmm...WHAT?! His not here! But I defiantly can smell him, he was here..He won't get away, this time..(the fiend takes flight)..I will found you boy and when I do, you wish you were never born!"

    SHANE: "Sheppard!"
    REAU: "Huh, where is he?"
    CELESTE: "This can't be good.."
    BERTHA: "Don't say that Celeste, i'm sure his just gone for a coffee or something.."
    SHANE: "(infront of Sheppard's desk)..I wouldn't bet on it, guys..Look!"

    REAU: "A note.."
    CELESTE: "No way.."
    BERTHA: "What's it say, Shane?"
    SHANE: "(reading the note)..Crowler, I've been called away unexpectidley & I don't know, when i'll be back! Your incharge, regards Sheppard.."

    REAU: "Hmm..This is strange, first a random boy crash lands in our forest from god knows where & now, Chancellor Sheppard is no-where to be found.."

    CELESTE: "You don't think, the Chancellor's involved in this in anyway do you?"

    BERTHA: "I don't think so, but who knows.."
    REAU: "What are we going to do now? We need those student files, for Ms. Fontaine.."
    CELESTE: "HEY! (behind Sheppard's desk)..Sheppard's computer! Yout hink, the files will be on here?"

    SHANE: "Maybe.."
    CELESTE: "Damn, it's locked with a password..Anyone, know how to hack here?"
    REAU: "Celeste! We can't do that! crowler could come at any minute.."
    CELESTE: "How else arre we going to get those files for Ms. Fontaine?! Unless, you've got a better idea brainiac?"

    REAU: "Excuse me, maybe I do.."
    CELESTE: "Oh yeah? Then what is, smarty pants?"
    REAU: "Well..(straightening her self up, then closing her eyes then adjusting her classes but then becomes deflated it)..I have no idea.."

    CELESTE: "Your telling me? You can't hack into a computer mainframe?"
    REAU: "Well..Erm, I can but I tried before and I sort of failed and almost got caught.."
    CELESTE: "Your alot of good, aren't ya?"
    SHANE: "Easy, Celeste..Hmm.."

    BERTHA: "I can hack it, if you like?"
    REAU: "(surprised)..Bertha, you can hack computer networks?"
    BERTHA: "(a little embrassed)..Yeah.."
    CELESTE: "Unreal..This Academy is full of surprises! Isn't it?"
    SHANE: "Looks that way..So can you try Bertha?"
    BERTHA: "Sure, I can..I always carry my mini-computer pad anyway..Hacking's like a hobby for me.."

    REAU: "You don't say.."
    CELESTE: "Well, let's hurry up already! The nerd's actually right for once, Crowler could come by any minute.."

    BERTHA: "Okay, I'll do my best! (She smiles to herself).."

    BERTHA: "Hmm..Guys, this may take some time! Duelist Academy's mainframe is highly complex..I think, a couple of you should stand guard & warn me if Crowler or anyone comes this way.."

    CELESTE: "We're keep watch, right Shane?..(grabbing his left arm then smiling at him, as Shane looks surprised)..

    SHANE: "Err--Okay.."
    REAU: "I'll stay behind & help Bertha in anyway I can.."
    CELESTE: "You do that then..Come on, Shane let's go.."

    FONTAINE: "..I need to grab some supplies from the medical store! Can one of you stay here & keep an eye on the boy?"

    DAPHNE: "Sure, I will.."
    FONTAINE: "Thanks Daphne, he should be okay for now you don't have to worry about much..I won't be long.."

    DAPHNE: "No worries..(I smiled).."
    RORY: "Ms. Fontaine, I'll go with you & help you with the supplies.."
    FONTAINE: "Thankyou Rory, I would really appreciate that.."
    RORY: "It's no problem..We're be back soon okay, sis?"
    DAPHNE: "Okay.."

    DAPHNE: "I don't know, who you are or where you came from..But everyone needs, some sort of comfort in times, like this! And i'll glady volunteer..(I smiled)..At least, I know your going to be alright.."

    UNKNOWN: "Hmm..your trail seems to continue here! All these humans alter my smell slightly making it difficult to track you until now..Interesting! What is this place? annoying humans, everywhere I look.."


    YOUTH: "NOOOOO!!! (The boy squeezes my hand slightly).."
    DAPHNE: "(standing up)..Oww..What's the matter?"

    UNKNOWN: "That's better! Let's see, how much noise you make now...PATHETIC HUMANS! Now to the boy.."

    YOUTH: "His here.."
    DAPHNE: "..(confused) Who's here?"
    YOUTH: "(turns to look at me, opening his eyes)..Who are you?"
    DAPHNE: "..I'm Daphne, my friends & I rescued you from the forest, where you crashed landed.."

    YOUTH: "..That means, I was able to get here safely.."
    DAPHNE: "You were in pretty bad shape, our nurse has helped you the best she can for now, but your still not 100% you need you rest.."

    YOUTH: "No! We must leave here now.."
    DAPHNE: "What? Why?"
    YOUTH: "Manticore is here.."
    DAPHNE: "Manticore? Who's that?"
    YOUTH: "A monster of great Darkness & loyal servant to him.."
    DAPHNE: "(confused)..Him? Who's him? And what's this Manticore guy want here in Duelist Academy?"

    YOUTH: "Me.."
    DAPHNE: "Huh? What have you done.."
    YOUTH: "Time is short, we must leave.."
    DAPHNE: "(He tries to get up, but I force him back down on the bed)..NO!! You need to get better..I'll deal with this Manticore myself.."

    YOUTH: "WHAT? Manticore we kill you.."
    DAPHNE: "Oh please..So his a creature of darkness, I have my own power too you know.."

    YOUTH: "You do?"
    DAPHNE: "I have the ability to see duel monster spirits.."
    YOUTH: "(surprised)..Impressive, but Manticore's power is superior to yours.."
    DAPHNE: "Maybe it is, but I'm letting have you.."
    YOUTH: "(surprised)..You don't even know me.."
    DAPHNE: "Maybe, I don't..But that won't stop me from caring enough about you to protect you.."

    YOUTH: "(in his mind, realizing)..Why does those words & her spirit seem some-what familiar to me..(out of his mind)..I appreciate it, but what are you going to do?"

    DAPHNE: "You say this guy's name is Manticore? and his a creature of darkness?"
    YOUTH: "Yes.."
    DAPHNE: "Let me guess, your referring to the duel monster's card: Manticore of Darkness am I right?"

    YOUTH: "How did you know.."
    DAPHNE: "So it seems to me, this duel spirit has somehow took physical form & is now after you..(he looks down)..Well then, there's only one thing left to do, isn't there?"

    YOUTH: "And what's that?"
    DAPHNE: "I duel him.."
    YOUTH: "(shocked)..DUEL HIM?! Are you insane?"
    DAPHNE: "No not really, I just like a good challenge and this Manticore spirit looks like he maybe one.."

    YOUTH: "What makes you think, you can defeat him?"
    DAPHNE: "Every duelist or duel spirit can be beaten..you just need to have the right strategy! Anyway, do you actually have a name?"

    BLAINE: "It's Blaine."
    DAPHNE: "Blaine, huh? Cool name..Well Blaine, let's go find this Manticore guy & send him packing.."

    BLAINE: "(smirking)..Sounds Good!"
    DAPHNE: "You sure, you can walk?"
    BLAINE: "Yes, thanks.."
    DAPHNE: "Okay, let me help you up.."

    DAPHNE: "Let's do this..All you have to do is lead the way, my friend.."

    BERTHA: "Thanks, Reau.."

    SHANE: "Did you do it, Bertha?"
    BERTHA: "Ah-Huh.."
    CELESTE: "Alright, wait ago!"
    BERTHA: "I've stopped transferring the students files now to my mini-computer.."

    REAU: "It wasn't easy was it, Bertha?"
    BERTHA: "No not at all, Duelist Academy's security defences are top notch.."
    CELESTE: "I guess, that's what you get when your owner is a Billionaire named: Seto Kaiba!"

    SHANE: "(chuckling)..True!"
    BERTHA: "Okay transfer complete guys, let's go!"
    REAU: "Alright.."

    DAPHNE: "This way, yeah?"
    BLAINE: "Yes, his outside.."
    DAPHNE: "Right..I won't let him enter the academy.."

    DAPHNE: "Blaine, I think it's best you stay here out of Manticore's way..Then at least this way, he still has reach this area if he somehow manages to defeat me allowing you too still escape through the ventalation shaft opposite you..okay?"

    BLAINE: "Okay.."
    DAPHNE: "Hopefully, this won't take long so I can get you back to Ms. Fontaine.."

    BLAINE: "Daphne, please be careful.."
    DAPHNE: "(I smiled)..I always am! I'll see you soon..You just rest now!"
    BLAINE: "Okay, good luck.."
    DAPHNE: "Thanks.."

    MANTICORE: (looking up & stopping)..Hmm..What's this, a another annoying human?"
    DAPHNE: "Listen up, Manticore! Your taking another step to my Academy..(I placed my duel disk on my arm)..

    MANTICORE: "Is that right? And what exactly are you going to do to stop me, little girl?"

    DAPHNE: "Little? Oh, that does it fang-face! It'S GO TIME!"


    DAPHNE: "I'll take my chances, ugly! Do you accept my challenge.."
    MANTICORE: "Where is the boy?"
    DAPHNE: "Oh his around, but if you want him your have to defeat me in a duel & that is no easy task!"

    MANTICORE: "(laughs again)..FINE! Your duel energy will make a delightful snack!"

    MANTICORE: "I hope, you like to go all out in your duels girls, because I'm quite hungry.."

    DAPHNE: "Freak! Let's do this.."
    MANTICORE: "As you wish..(he laughs once again).."

    MANTICORE > 4000
    4000 < DAPHNE

    DAPHNE: "First turn honors are mine, Manticore!"
    MANTICORE: "Hehe.."

    DAPHNE: "(in my mind)..Not a bad hand at all, but I'm going to be have to extra careful in this duel, if I want to protect Blaine from Lord Freakshow over there..(out of my mind)..Alright, I Summon: GYROID! In DEF MODE!"

    DAPHNE: "I'll end my turn with 2 cards face-down.."

    DAPHNE: "Your move.."
    MANTICORE: "(laughs)..I sense fear.."

    DAPHNE: "You sure, it's not your own fear, your sensing?
    MANTICORE: "I like an agressive meal..hehe..(licking his lips).."
    DAPHNE: "..Yuck!"
    MANTICORE: "I play the spell: Fiend's Sanctuary!"

    DAPHNE: "Oh No.."
    MANTICORE: "Fiend Sanctuary allows me to special 1 metal fiend token!"
    DAPHNE: "I know, what the cards does.."
    MANTICORE: "Hehe, really?"
    DAPHNE: "Just go!"

    MANTICORE: "Next, I shall sacrafice my token! In order to summon: KING OF YAMIMAKAI! ATK MODE! HEHE!"

    MANTICORE: "Then, I'll play the field spell: Mystic Plasma Zone!"

    MANTICORE: "Now for every DARK Atrributed monster I happen to have on my field, All my monster's gain 500 extra ATK points & lose 400 of their DEF points! And my King seems to qualify..hehe!"

    DAPHNE: "Not good.."
    MANTICORE: "No it's not, for you anyway! (Let's out a much more sinster laugh)..King of Yamimakai attack that sorry excuse for a monster with Dark sphere!"

    DAPHNE: "You triggered my trap card.."
    MANTICORE: "Trap card?"
    DAPHNE: "Go! Supercharge!"

    DAPHNE: "Now I can draw 2 cards from my deck!"

    DAPHNE: "And that's not all, because now my Gyroid's special ability activates! Once per turn it can negate it's own destruction! Observe!"

    MANTICORE: "No.."
    DAPHNE: "Hmm..that all you got?"
    MANTICORE: "I'll place 1 card face-down & then play the continuious spell card: Stumbling!"

    MANTICORE: "Now every time you normal summon, a monster it's instantly switched into DEF mode! My turn is over, hehe.."

    DAPHNE: "Hmm..(in my mind)..I can't ATK with a new monster I summon until my next turn, because of that Stumbling spell! I'll just have to get rid of it, then..(out of my mind)..My Move! I draw!"

    DAPHNE: "(my mind)..Hmm, This should work, but i'll have to stall till my next turn! I have to protect Blaine at all costs or this freak of nature will take him away & do god knows what to him and I won't let that happen.."


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    Re: YGO Duelist Academy/Episode 1.11: "..And So It Begins!"

    Post by Lavi on Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:31 pm

    So exciting.
    Keep writing Laughing

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    Re: YGO Duelist Academy/Episode 1.11: "..And So It Begins!"

    Post by Chronoz on Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:58 am

    Question why the episode is 1.11?

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    Re: YGO Duelist Academy/Episode 1.11: "..And So It Begins!"

    Post by LightOfLife on Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:28 pm

    Chronoz wrote:Question why the episode is 1.11?
    cuz it is i posted other episodes i dont know if u redaed them all but if u want the full story just PM me

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    Re: YGO Duelist Academy/Episode 1.11: "..And So It Begins!"

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