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    Let us get to know you.


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    Let us get to know you.

    Post by DanceJonDance on Fri Nov 13, 2009 8:13 am

    First topic message reminder :

    This post is for people who would like to tell us a little more about themselves so that we can know that behind that user name there is a person that likes other things besides dueling.

    I'll try to break the ice and tell a bit about myself.

    My name is Jon, I'm 19 o__o and I have always liked yugioh since it came out in about 02? 03? I collected for a while then quit, but still enjoyed the game, at that time it was just way too expensive to keep as a hobby. I played some emulators with yugioh games, until I eventually stumbled on KCVDS this summer, I got into it and on my spare time (which is not a lot these days..)I run this forum with my staff to bring the events you guys enjoy xP

    I'm in college, I go to san francisco state it's my first year there because I took a year off. My major is English, and I'm hoping to become a college professor after I get my masters and be a writer for a magazine/newspaper on the side. I usually like to go out on the weekends, and focus the weekdays on homework, since most of the homework I do requires me typing stuff, I get to be pretty active on hamachi, which is why you guys see me on a lot, but I also leave my laptop on sometimes which is why you guys see me, and message me, but I don't reply x] I have a pretty good set of friends, who are also in school so it's hard to keep in touch and hang out during the week (especially the ones who go to colleges far)which is why we get together on the weekends.

    Uh.. I play the guitar, I learned when I was seven because my mom forced me to, but once I actually got the hang of it, it became a pretty huge passion for me... let's see what else o_o.. Umm.. I have a gf, and I'll probably move in with her after I finish my G.E. cause I plan to transfer to Washington State, or Pennsylvania state university, and she is moving with me, sooo that's something to look forward to.

    I want to travel the world, successfully finish my career, and make room in my busy schedule to spend as much time as possible with you guys because sincerely some of you guys have become really good friends, no matter where you are, what you look like, or how you act. I'm open to any questions, and I'd like to hear more about you guys now x]

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by xcross21 on Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:53 pm

    Well alot of people know me but this is for people who have no idea who i am they ust live under a rock not to know an awsoe guy like me XD

    Name:My real name is Joshua people call me Josh mostly because Joshua is to long for my taste although I find it annoying when people use my name for cheesy rhyme jokes like "oh my gosh Josh"XD.How I came up with xcross well I dont really remember I have had the name for years so sorry but i got nothin for ya in that subject XD.

    Age, etc...:I turned 14 a couple of months ago I technically should be going into 9th grade at the end of summer break but Im actually going into 11th reasons are for I have a natural skill for analyzing anything thrown at me so I can figure out alot of complicated stuff well at least complicated for msot people at my age XD but Im particulary good at math I think I got that from my mom since she was known as a math wiz when she was in high school.I have insanely bad eyes so I have always been forced to wear thick glasses which people teased me for I mean they just look like reg glasses sheesh but I got bullied so much in school I ened up with Cluster Migraines so eventually I was pulled from school and now Im homeschooled.

    Yugioh:As I said Im good at analyzing anything thrown at me which si why I love puzzle games such as sudoku, chess etc... so when I found out about yugioh the card game I fell in love with it Ive always said with all the strategies and outcomes that can occur in a duel its just chess with hundreds of game pieces but living in Mississippi theres no one to duel because the place is snoozeville so my cards were wasted so I quit collecting and buying then I found out about KCVDS so I was happy that I could build decks and duel people as much as I wanted.I always loved dragons so I never built anything different then dragon decks of course my ruling knowledge sucked back then so I wasnt what you would call a good duelist XD but when I found LDA I started to learn all kinds of things from ruling knowledge to using and building my decks and since I joined TDA that knowledge and skill has improved even more.When I turn 15 next year and when I do Im going to learn how to drive and with all of that Im prob gonna start going to yugioh tournys near my town in Louisiana.

    Thats my life boring it is I know XD but thats it

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Gothicmess on Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:08 am

    My name is Chris, I live in Tijuana Mex. born and raised actually, I'm 23 years old and I specialize in network management and PC Tech, Network+ and . . . thats it ^^"

    I'm a starving artist here in TJ (Mechanical [Steampunk], chainmaille and drawings), right now I'm working on the Spider chair from Dr. Loveless in Wild wild west ( yeah I saw the movie and I like it), I didn't make it as an artist here in TJ, this people don't know how to appreciate it xD

    I am however gonna move to Mexico city to start a Cyber cafe and a Kennel (My wife is starting the Kennel [Dog breeder]), so were just gonna go hoping for the best and waiting for the Cafe to hit big in the country :]

    The Kennel, is gonna be fun, were gonna have a large field for the new family x]
    Jaden Yuki

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Jaden Yuki on Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:56 pm

    Wow Gothic Thats really cool!!! Well here is myne...

    My real name Is Eli. I am 16 years old and i am still in high school... (sophomore Year). I usually play yu gi oh once i get from school or go out with my friends and play soccer. I am an average duelist ( i think) but i can still sometimes pull of a miracle play... ( i beat gothicmess once!!) lol... well thats all folks!!

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Tyki on Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:52 am

    Ok hi im stan im 15 im horny im a chill guy im into dancing(popping n breaking) im a azn/canadian which u can say englishaznese im a christian and im proud and i enjoy playing ygo to kill time.


    im dont like writing much either

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by CaptainChrno on Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:09 am

    Might as well introduce myself Smile

    I live in Indonesia. From baby, my family always moved from city to city. When I was 12, I started to live alone with my big brother (Great person! Razz ). After 4 years, I decided to move to again another city to attend college (without my brother). Now, I am 17 years old, a freshman in Informatics Engineering in my college.

    My activites always changed from time to time. When I was elementary, I practiced Abacus a lot. I even managed to finish 3rd in an international competition and won some in local and national tournament. When I was a junior high school student, I liked to make land cruiser and robot. I also liked to participate in math competition but failed to win each of it Razz In Senior high school, I liked to do English Debate and participate in many competitions. This time, I managed to win a few, even the best speaker Very Happy I also managed to win a national logic competition and I'm very proud of it till now Very Happy . Now in college, I still did English Debate. But my passion now is software development and programming. Currently, my interest is in learning .NET technologies (that include C#.NET, WPF, Silverlight, XNA, etc.).

    My hobby is pretty common among nerds around my place Razz I liked to watch anime and sometimes movies, playing games, reading books and sometimes manga, hearing music (every genres of music, that includes heavy metal Twisted Evil ), and playing yugioh, this one is uncommon around here. I also liked to do coding challange like in judge uva or self-made problems and had made few amateur games.

    I guess that's all... Oh yeah, my name is secret Twisted Evil

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Aludra on Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:28 pm

    Oh nooo!
    I feel soo.. Old here Sad
    I'm 20 now, and september will be 21,
    I felt so old here >.<,
    I'm glad optimus Yale and gothic is Older than mine Very Happy
    and I also Live in iNdonesia, country with Full of culture Smile

    I Liked playing something that makes me think,likes cards, monopoly, or chess,
    before accidentaly Played Yu-gi-oh forbidden memories in PS1, that game is suck! but it makes me some fun playing with it, and also I read Yu-gi-oh manga from the beginning, altough it's story is not good at all, but I like it somehow, and I like normal yugi^^

    I found yugioh power of chaos some years ago, it's also a bad game I think -.-, But I hve some fun playing with it to kill some times ^^,and it's not like a chess or any other card game I just fun playing with it, and also once I had played some yugioh games in PS2, the most interesting game is Capsule monster coliseum, It's Like a chess with yu-gi-oh monsters there!! thats very interesting, and before I found KCVDS, I played in NDS, so MY yu-gi-oh knowledge is old >.< and dosnt really knew other popular strategy cz I only played by myself >.<. before played in KVDS, I have some real cards, But It's suck and dummy card >.<

    thats it,, I think it's enough Razz

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Janembo on Tue Apr 13, 2010 4:05 pm

    @aludra now I feel so young Razz
    @ others very interesting Smile
    Now me:
    Ok my full name is Nikola Popovic I am 15 years old.I have started playing yugioh when I was just 9 but then I didn't know how to play it xD Me and my firends were like.I summon Obelisk the tormenter(no tibiute:P).But even that it was fun.Back then we were using fake cards(there were no originals back then in Serbia and they are WAY more cheaper Razz)basicly I was one who was in 90% winning since I'v both like 20 packs and made exodia deck witch was like 8 copy's of each lol.

    Basicly I am just a nother common student on first look.My parents have signed me in 2nd hardest elementary in city(we are in capital so its probably 2nd hardest in state-_-)and well...untill recently I was 25% of my time grounded becouse of grades.Since they want me to be str8 A student...witch is imposible if you want to have a life,so I am A- or B+ student.

    I am frendly person and basicly a joker also Razz .My m8s call me priest becouse of my last name witch is Popovic(on my languige it means priest and then few latters and thats last name lol xD)I like to play basket ball,but I don't like football,for 2 reasons 1.Its to slow...In basketball every thing changes in 3 minutes(common example qalifications for final 4 in basket ball Partizan vs Makabi makabi was leading 21 difrence,then Partizan in next 2 quaters did AMAZING they won with 6 difrence OMG)I don't have girl friend at the moment...Well lets just say it I don't have luck with girs Razz I had 3 so far:1 I left becouse I seen her with a nother guy,secnd she left me she was like...you are nice guy and all but not my type :/
    and last 1 I really liked her...not just way she looks but all.Well she has told me she doesn't want to have any thing with me,she told me I am not real man but a coward...Well like I told no luck :/

    I play bass guitar.I @ first wanted to play drums but since we don't have garage my dad told me I can't play then they take away to much place in house.So I picked bass.Well its going nice.I was in one band @ one point but I quit becouse it wasn't serious team of people.And so far I'm not in any band becouse of school.I am preparing for some exams witch are coming closer and closer...And basicly I can feel presure on my sholders allredy o.o .But never mind band since I am cationaly playing bass to relax,and its very relaxing,after hard day @ school you just take bass practice forget about any thing and just concentrate on bass.I am lisghtening to basicly any thing exept turbo folk witch I despise from bottom of my heart!-_- may be I'v over done it bit.I like personaly most to lisghten to bands such as:Iron maiden,ACDC,Leb I sol(bread and salth),and so on.I also like to watch brake dancing.I never tried to dance but its very interesting to watch also Razz

    I actionaly start playing YGO to kill time.And it actionaly became one of my favorite games...I can't decide do I like Heroes of new earth and dota better but still bouth are nice.And becouse of YGO I left wow Razz I start playing dota 4 years ago I think.Well firstly just to become best in class since I was 7th.After month I was 4th.Then for a long time third.2 of my m8s were better,but then we start playing online.And then basicly...well I became first but 2 of them are still awsome players I cant say any thing about it.I should get probably admin on garena soon,basicly 50% of serbian rooms know me that Im good player and 1 guy told me he will see to get me admin from head admin.But I don't care about ranks I play dota to have fun.I was in several clans(war teams in YGO)4 dota([exe],[TFT],[gg],and now I made my own kn1ght but it aint going well as expected.4 YGO I was just in 1 more academy b4 this 1.

    I don't know what will I do in future...I still didn't found my future call..But I think its gona be law or economy since there are lot of cash these dayes and there is no geography or physics in it xD

    Well basicly I'v told you most basic about me and quiet a lot.Since I don't have any thing to hide basicly you can learn about me and my life in talking very easyly:P

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by kiryu111 on Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:10 pm

    I guess i can post here 2 Smile

    My real name is Atis, i am 19 years old(will be 20 in 19th july). I live in Latvia. Its a small country in coast of Baltic sea. This is my first year in University. I study Law. Besides that i am active in political party, i am in its youths organizations board.(organization has more than 2500 members) In free time i love debating, and if i may so i am pretty good at it.

    I also have a 2 months young son Smile So much to tell about it, that i dont know where to start, so i wont. And yes - I am kinda young for having a son. But what u gonna do.

    As for yugioh, i played in real life long time ago(about at the time when it came out)
    I had a lot of cards, prety much every card i wanted at that time. But then i quit, and got rid of all of them. I quit about at that time when E heroes appeared. Then some 10 months ago i discovered KCVDS, and was pleasantly surprised, i loved it, so i started to play it. I was advanced lobby newbie for some time, especially due to fact that i was wery outdated. Then someone invited me to some academy(wont mention it because dont want to advertise). And so slowly i started to become better player and got more and more friends here Smile

    As for my future plans, they certanaly involve having a nice work in Law field, and rising my son Smile (his name is Adrian)
    kyosuke kiryu

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by kyosuke kiryu on Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:18 pm

    I guess I can share a little about the great Kyo Surprised

    Anyways, my name is William, and going to be 17 on May the 4th, and was born on the year of 1993. I currently a Junior on High school. Hopefully, time passes fast and get to 18, and to graduate Very Happy I am excited, because soon I will have my own car and maybe college D: Forgot to say I am latino and speask 2 languages, English and Spanish (my first language)

    I live on United States on Houston, Texas. Like many, I started watching yu-Gi-Oh since it came out. I started liking it since, and watched the episodes every Saturday. *flashbacks* I remember like if it was yesterday, I used to always wake up early on Saturdays just to watch the show. I was being a fat ass and watched it while eating cereal <3

    I started with the kaiba Starter pack, and progressed from there. Months passed, and top decks were Monarchs. I raised money, and bought one. Of course I stole some cards from the stores.... I competed and won locals, and once went to regionals where I got 3rd place. I ran Monarchs with hydrogeddons and perfect circle stuff.

    After my embarrasing defeat on real life, I thought it was time to throw in the towel and let the new rising stars pay this precious game. Now that I think about it, biggest mistake ever made! D:

    Anyways, enough about my YGO life. I have plans for my real life. To go to college and a decent one at least... as much as I hate education. I have all Honors classes meaning I know my stuffz Razz

    I got my babe (gf) which I love so much. We have future plans as well...
    I have a great family, and well I can say my life is almost perfect right about now..

    I play soccer, played for the school, and used to be in the band. Played the trombone, but quit it xD As many I plan to be a law person, or business type.

    Hmm, well I enjoy dueling, writing poetry, and hanging around, also trolling people xD Anything else needed to know just ask me xD

    ~Kyosuke Kiryu

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Gothicmess on Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:56 pm


    In My time, months passed and top decks were the ones that had a Jinzo in it x]

    Forgot me facts of life o.o!

    1.- I just love Steampunk, theres something about rusted scraps of metal that puts me in a certain mood o.o

    2.- I feel you can find more about a person in a duel then 2 hours talking to him, or even a whole day.

    3.- I like to drink Vodka while playing GH3 and My lesbi friends making out . . . . thats just good family fun.

    4.- My ex tried to stab me in the back . . .literally x]

    5.- I like to eat a 1/2 Kilo of Pasta before lunch . . . not always able though.

    6.- I'm a starving artist living here in TJ, and My day job is computer work, networks and stuff like that.

    7.- I'm currently learning Japanese, Mandarin and Sing language (in Spanish, yes sign language is different in some countries )

    8.- I demand cookies D:

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Janembo on Tue May 04, 2010 7:34 pm

    I agree about 2nd dot Razz I also when I find some one interesting to talk with I can talk pritty much all day:P
    Btw I finish GH3 ^^ On Medium mode,since my PC was stucking I couldn't see good so I couldn't finish hard :S

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Crescent on Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:56 am

    Alright, I guess this should be really fun, writing about myself x]

    My real name is William, i'm 16 since February 24th. I live in La Crosse, Wisconsin, going into my Junior Year. I am a poet, and yes, I know it x] Honestly, I am though. My plans after school? I have absolutely no idea =D I'm a genius, and i'm not just saying that, i'm just too lazy to show it sometimes =3 I have been in TDA for a month or two and am a mod already and the proud leader of Wiraqocha Rasca x] I am a major gamer (Especially pro at Rock Band, etc ;D). Hobbies? TDA and Dueling x] Currently single and searching, though I just can't get a damn break here xD What else to put... I love all music, but mainly rock and hard rock =] My best deck style is likely Dragon. And... That's all for now ;D Also, I was astoundingly shocked by the ages of people. I just can't guess ages right xD

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Tyann on Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:57 am

    Hi All....
    Oooooh...o.0 didnt know about this thread before... Iam sorry, its why iam too late to introduce myself... I was born in Indonesia, just like Aludra, Captain Chrno, Hyahweh Hoshikawa, Firefsp, WilliamBerlin, Catastor, And The JAncok.. But maybe iam the oldest one between Those people.. Iam 21 years Old at now (3th JAn 1989). Iam a genuine Moslem too, anyone a Moslem Here?. And i have a Job as Government's Servant. Yeah its true that i live on Edge of the world but it actually means is i live in a place where the amount of people are very a little cuz its the one of my duty for my country.. So i need Friends from internet like all of you here..
    I have been playing yugioh since iam in 17 years. I love this game cuz its need more strategy just like RPG game that i love (Final Fantasy is the best one).. and i like to watch Yugioh Anime too from Old, GX, 5ds, until the movie, and those movie are often make me LOL... very LOL... yeah, i wonder why Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei are always got a Card they need at The LAST Turn hhahaha, whereas Their deck are actually Very Basic and Commonly.... And i ever think why that Yugi San Put an Owner Seal in this deck too? haha.
    I like chess and badminton too as my sport favorite...
    And yeah, my Favorite Phylosopher are Descartes since he was saying about the Highest potential of human's Brain..
    In yugioh game, i dislike meta deck that have too much spoiled support card specially for them , its make me be a stupid and uncreative person... yeah iam new one in meta deck knowledge cuz i encounter that deck since i play in this KCVDS, but i play yugioh in real life and playstation 2 before. I like to arrange and bulit a deck with pure strategy in it, just like we arrange LEGO or Puzzle. Hmmm, To be honest, This is my first international Forum website that totally discuss about yugioh, yeah TDA is my favorite and with this site, my skill will be accepted by anyone since there are no LAdder in KCVDS, lol.
    This is my character :
    LOVE :
    1) smart , wise, Honest, and friendly people
    2) A Girl that use 65% of their brain instead of emotional
    3) Sportmanship people.
    4) Chess, Yugioh, badminton....
    5) Watching Horror and Comedy movie...

    HATE :
    1) Bull Headed people with stupid brain
    2) Angry Fast people and Not Patienable people

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by firefsp on Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:16 am

    Seems that most of you guys have done this, so might as well write a little Very Happy

    Ok, let's see... I'm 17 years old, and will turn 18 this October. I'm very much a carefree guy who dislikes thinking too much, but when it comes to something important, you'll see another me Razz I live in Indonesia, the same country with some of people here like WilliamBerlin, Aludra, Capt'in Chrno, Hyaweh, Tyann, TJ, and Catastor. Started college this year, as a freshman of course. I'll be studying Information System at this college. Started yugioh at 10, with Joey Starter Deck. I was in love with Red Eyes Black Dragon back then. I can't beleive i didn't hesitate to pick the deck from 4 choices. After that i used to spend my money to buy cards, or just take some card passwords an input them in Yugioh Fobidden Memories Razz but that game rely too much in ATK/DEF, and can only play 1 card each turn, so basically it's lame -_-'
    At Junior High, I played Yugioh Power of Chaos, and Finally at High School, i played Tag Forces. Since both use the same effect as real cards, so it's fun Razz
    I know KCVDS from my good friend in youtube. If he wasn't... well, i don't know what to say, so let's put this aside xD oh, and i also dueled him a lot ever since then.
    My hobby is pretty much reading. I'll read any interesting books Wink Beside reading, i also like playing Action and Strategy games. As for Action, I like resident evil, or any game with guns, especially Handguns Razz Speaking of guns, i have taken a hold of a Sniper Rifle, yeah!! it feels so good, aiming it Razz But, of course the rounds was removed, can't let any bullet shot, or i'm in trouble Razz
    Beside actions, I like RPGs like FF Tactics, Suikoden Series, or Castlevania Series!
    Music? i love most of it, well as long as the tune is within my liking. Anime?? OF COURSE! I LOVE THEM Razz I Like dozens of anime with reasons. Guess we'll leave it for later Very Happy

    Well, i guess that's that Razz

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Sil on Sun Jul 18, 2010 6:15 pm

    Well for everyone who is interested, a little slice of my life Wink

    My real name is Christian , i am 20 years old and i live in Germany next to the Netherland's border. About 7-8 years ago i started playing yugioh card game. i played it until Legacy of Darkness was released. I had to stop since I was still young and seriously didnt have the money o0 About 1-2 month ago, after looking for a way to play ygo online (i watched the ygo animes again and thought lets give it a try) and found KCVDS this way and TDA.

    In the years after quitting ygo several different hobbys developed inside of me.
    One of those is Animes. Until now i have watched Anime about 5 month worth of time.
    That might seem like a lot of time , but in my opinion its worth it Wink
    Its my most favorite hobby and i also quitted the relationship to one of my ex-girlfriends, because she said that she would never like Anime or would support me on that in the future Wink i know kinda crazy but i will never give this up.
    I ended up in a Anime Fansubber Group about 4 years ago.
    I was typesetter and timer for some Anime, for example Tokimeki.
    It was alot of fun actually, but i had to quit it due to real life issues.
    And seriously timing and typeset is one hell of a work o0 takes tons of time...
    So i dare you folks always appreciate the work of fansubbers (if the quality is high or its the only group subbing it Wink )

    One other hobby i follow is roleplaying. and no not the one most of you might think about. The type im doing is called LARP, Live Action Role Play.
    Its a kind of cosplay if you know that, but with a middle age fantasy setting, well atleast in the ones i participate Wink
    You dress up as Warrior or whatever and play your character at those events.
    Once i was on a 3000 people event for about 1 week. this was really fun.
    Siege of enemy players bases , wierd quests... geez that was fun, can only recommend to look at it.

    And heres the clue allthough i have all kind of "wierd" hobbys i still love to go into clubs etc every weekend, if i have time that is Razz (i know alot of people with my kind of hobbys and or too much into those, that they dont party that much... thats really sad in my opinion, they miss something Razz)

    Right now i enjoy my free time until ill go to university in fall (dont worry i wont quit here Razz) and im wondering if i should try to play the guitar... im not sure if its not a bit late with 20... well its one of the things im wondering about. and some might know i am wondering alot Razz

    if you have any questions about me feel free to join my ham, pm me or whatever Razz


    Kalin Kessler

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Kalin Kessler on Sun Jul 18, 2010 6:24 pm

    ...Wow you guys make me feel like a toddler -_-"

    My real name is Zyrus and I'm 13 years old and going to 8th grade. I live in Texas and I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh since 3rd grade. I usually play to kill time and in real life I merchant cards to make money. Uhhh I discovered KCVDS last summer and it took me five months to figure out how to host ip....

    My hobbies are hanging out with friends, playing yugioh and magic, swimming, soccer, football, water polo, and tennis.

    I play the piano and saxophone.

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Fatal on Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:31 am

    hmmm...my name is Kekoa u may call me Koa for short...my name is hawaiian so google it Very Happy...im 16 and i have a son...imma single father living life to the fullest...u think ur life is hard...pfft...u just is lazy so ppl dnt complain to me how ur life is gay...cuz it aint...hmm...well i have been to jail lots of times especially boys home....i fight a lot...Razz.....but imma good boy at heart dnt be scared of me cuz of this...imma pretty chill funny guy...ask any one who knws me they'll tell ya...just dnt F wit me...i love the beach...i love to surf...if i aint in the water im at the paintball feild or dirt biking...i play YGO frpm 5th to 7th grade....then just joined KC cuz i got bored one day....single atm...kinda like it...can flirt w/o being witched at ( wanted to use another word but ehh not appropriate )...hmm....yes i live on a little rock in the middle of the ocean but i love it...hawaii rep...love music....i stray away from rock cuz i dnt like ppl screaming in my ears naw mean...lol....wat else....well if yall wanna chat with me cuz imma cool guy join my ham

    ham: Fatal Blow
    pass: Fatality

    wanna knw more ask...dnt be shame

    A hui hou and Aloha au iaoe Guest
    Dark Duelist

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Dark Duelist on Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:44 am

    Lolz.. nice post Fatal xP He is actually good at heart.. now.. about me..

    My real name is Steven.. I'm an Asian born in London.. I'm 14 yrs old.. I'm lazy.. I love doughnuts and buy them every week Razz But trust me.. I ain't fat.. my friend say I have tapeworm >.> Anywayz.. I started to collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards since it came out.. I then stopped collecting it when I went to Secondary School.. then after 2 yrs.. in the Summer Holidays.. I got bored and started to find some Yu-Gi-Oh Emulators.. then started to play them.. I didn't really know how to play back then since I only collected them.. I didn't actually play it.. well.. then I had a little break from it.. and then started again.. it's probably about 8 months since I started playing properly.

    Well.. I live in London.. everyone should know where that is o.o... I like to go out with my friends.. play some footy and be here.. on my PC Very Happy.. I also like to play on the Keyboard.. I've had some lessons and I'm ok but not that good.. I can't even read notes Razz Ye.. I have a Guitar.. a Keyboard.. a flute but I dunno how to play the Guitar or the Flute xP

    Anywayz.. I think that's all I should say. Au Revoir Smile

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Tyann on Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:44 pm

    Ooh, iam looks so old here, Lol xD...
    but i will try to be wise people, Muahahha.....
    Anyone Who new in Tda, could u post at here? DjD the owner taken it first, so why not? a little statement is doesnt matter... Very Happy

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by GranRayCero on Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:01 pm

    Well, There isn't much too say.

    My real name is Alex, 19 years old. I started playing Yugioh the day it dropped in the stores. You guys would laugh if you knew what I did, instead of buying my first starter deck. I bought a single booster, I didn't even know how to play at that time. So, there I was playing with 8 cards; if I remember correctly.

    After a while I started learning more and more about the rules, about different methods of play and eventually started buying boosters. I was pretty addicted that time, I even stole boosters with some friends; which I see as pretty stupid right now.

    When I became 14 I stopped playing Yugioh, life became busy and school was killing me. Also I began working at my fathers shop, which required allot of time.

    At the age of 18 and a half, I began a relationship with a girl; which also lives next to me. That being not such a bad thing, I could have never seen it coming.

    Shopping Time.....

    I lost most of my friends, because I have too put some effort in this "relationship". With most of my friends gone, I had allot of time too fill; and I was also bored too death. That's when I got my 2ND job at the local supermarket.

    And still, I had too much time. I decided to start up playing Yugioh again. And like Jon, I first played on Emulators. That wasn't enough for me after a while, and I started looking for different sources; which allowed online multi-player.

    At first I got hooked up on JTP, I admit it was fun. And the automated system, did make dueling other people easier. The only problem with JTP was the Hamachi rooms. When I got tired of constantly finding new rooms, I skipped to KCVDS. I instantly got hooked.

    From that day on I only used KCVDS as my main source.

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

    Post by Chrono on Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:44 pm

    Hi I am Chrono my real name is David R Wilson. I live in Washington State, Seattle. I have been playing Yugioh for as long as i can remember. I have been playing it since Legend Of Blue-eyes so basically since the start of the card game... I still have memories of the Cyber Stein OTK days or the days when you won a match simply by having the monster with the highest attack. Since there weren't any worthwhile effects back then.

    It was all about beat down decks at the start. Running both Blue Eyes and Dark Magicians in your decks MAN THOSE WERE THE DAYS!

    I am 19 I don't have many hobbies. I just Play Video Games and Yugioh and watch anime(Yea i am a geek...) That is WHEN i have free time which is usually on the weekends. I dropped out of high school during JR. year because it was a terrible time in my life... I am clinically diagnosed with O.D.D[Oppositional Defiant Disorder] ADD[Attention Deficit Disorder] and Aspergers[A form of high functioning Autism] I had a terribly high fever when I was about 3 or 4 months old it caused my brain to almost fry I almost died but it went down just in time but I was left with a permanent Chemical Imbalance in my brain. But even tho I have Autism I am still pretty smart. The last time I was tested I scored 150 on the IQ test. High Functioning Autism usually means you are one of these two. Either EXTREMELY Smart but near Anti-Social or have behavioral problems. Or EXTREMELY social but can't retain information. I am the first. However both of which you can grow out of by continuing to work on your problems and maturing. I have been struggling with my social skills since I was basically born but I think I am almost at the point where I am just like anyone else.

    Anyways I am working on my High School Diploma at a local Tech College it is not a GED tho it is the equivalent to a High School Diploma its just for people who had a rough time in traditional high school.

    I currently don't have a girlfriend and I only have a handful of people I would call close friends. But I am pretty social I guess. I also don't have a job even tho I have been looking for who knows how long..

    Anyway I think that about covers it if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    Oh forgot one thing. Even tho I live in Washington State I was born and lived most of my life in Southern California.

    I lived in Lancaster/Palmdale. And I was born in Panarama City.

    We moved out of Lancaster in 2002 or 2003... So I lived at least half of my current life in California.

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    Re: Let us get to know you.

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