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    Frexty's Test

    The Detonator

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    Frexty's Test

    Post by The Detonator on Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:21 pm

    Blackwing Deck vs Black Garden Control: 2-1 my favour (1/3)
    Stun vs Debris/Dandy: 1-0 my favor (0/2)
    Total: 1/5

    Awareness: 6/10

    - Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo card lore(-2)
    PROBLEM: "Neither player can Special Summon monsters..."
    You summoned Blizzard the Far North and then proceeded to Special Summon Bora the Spear from your Graveyard. You also told me to Summon tokens from Black Garden whle this monster was face-up.

    - Black Garden card lore(-1)
    PROBLEM: "When a monster is Normal or Special Summoned..."
    You mistook a flip summon as triggering Black Garden's effect. Only Nomral or Special Summons will trigger Black Garden. Flip Summons will not trigger its effect.

    - Reckless Greed card lore(-1)
    PROBLEM: "...skip your next 2 Draw Phases."
    You forgot to skip your Draw Phase in our first duel. You became more aware in our later duels.

    Knowledge of Rules: 5/10
    - SEGOC (-1)
    AS explained to you, when 2 or more effects activate at the same time, rules known as Similtaneous Effects Go On Chain (SEGOC) are applied to determine chain link order. The rules apply as follows:
    1. Turn Player's Mandatory Effects
    2. Non-Turn Player's Mandatory Effects
    3. Turn Player's Optional Effects
    4. Non-Turn Player's Optional Effects
    When you summoned Blizzard the Far North while i had Black Garden activate you tolf me to summon a token after declaring your effect activation. You also told me that your effect is placed on the chain first because its your turn. In fact, this is incorrect based on the above rules. Black Garden is a mandatory effect, Blizzard the Far North is optional. If we use the above rules we see that Black Garden is link 1 and Blizzard becomes link 2. This means that you will summon a monster before i get tokens. Why is this important? Well, if i wanted to negate your monsters effect i would need to directly chain a negation card to its activation. If blizzard was placed as link 1 and garden as link 2 i would miss the timing to negate your effect or, if i could do so, your summon. Also, this means that Royal Oppression cannot be chained directly to my Black Garden which is also very important as some Blackwing decks do run Royal Oppression.

    - Continuous Spell effects (-1)
    This was an important one. You activated Black Whirlwind and then summoned Shura the Blue Flame. I responded to your summon with Mystical Space Typhoon and targetted your Black Whirlwind. You told me that Mystical Space Typhoon did not negate the effect of Black Whirlwind and proceeded to add a card to your hand. Your are 100% correct when saying that MST will not negate BW however, we need to remember one very important thing: the nature of continuous effects. If a continuous effect card is removed from the field, all effects that it has cease to operate. If Black Whirlwind is destroyed and removed from the field (and since it is a continuous card) it will not be able to resolve its effect successfully and no card will be activated. This same process is not limited to continuous spells, and applies to popular monster cards like Jinzo and Trap cards like Royal Oppression, however, it is limited to continuous cards and effects only. All other spells and traps will resolve normally if successfylly activated and destroyed by a card before resolution.

    - Token monster rules (-1)
    When a token moster is targetted by Book of Moon you thought that because they cannot be flipped face down they are instead destroyed. You are correct in your knowledge that token monsters canot be flipped face down, however, they do not get destroyed because of it. They are simply unaffected and that is all.

    - Token Monster vs "Send to Graveyard" (-1)
    When you attacked and destroyed my token with Shura the Blue Flame, you proceeded to Special Summon a Blackwing fom your Deck. Because of the way Shura's effect text is worded and the way that token monsters work, this was an illegal play. Shura the Blue Flame must send a monster it destroys by battle to the Graveyard before it is able to Special Summon any card from the Deck. Since token monsters are not sent to the Graveyard when they are destroyed (they simply are just removed from the field and the game) the trigger for Shura's effect is never fulfilled.

    - Inherent Summon vs Effect Summon (-1)
    Now this indeed is complicated and requires much explaining to fully understand all the game mechanics behind why you cannot negate a monster summoned through Lonefire Blossom with Thunder King Rai-Oh. The basic explanation for this is because you cannot negate an effect Special Summon because the monster summoned is being summoned through a resolvong chain. However this does not help you understand what exactly is happening to not allow you to negate the summon. The real reason is that you in fact "miss the timing" of the negation window. Let me show you how this happens.
    Chain Link 1: Player A activates lonefire Blossom's effect and tributes Lonefire Blossom as a cost
    *Player B has no response to the effect activation
    -- Chain proceeds to resolution --
    Chain Link 1 beins to resolve: Player A Special Summons Spore
    -summon negation window opens-
    >> Player B cannot interupt a resolving chain, chain must finish resolving <<
    -summon negation window closes-
    >> Special Summon is considered successful <<
    Chain Link 1 finishes resolving
    *Player B can now respond to the successful summon of Spore with Torrential Tribute etc.

    As you can see, because the chain is still resolving, you miss the timing to activate cards in the negation window. A chain resolving can never be interrupted and there are no exceptions. This is the real reason why you cannot negate a monster summoned through an effect.

    Playstyle: 4/5

    Your playstyle was good, mostly due to you keeping on the offensive no matter what the situation. Blackwings are offensive cards and need to continue swarming the field to win. You tried to do this no matter what i threw at you so good job.

    Deck Build: 11/15
    - Blackwing Deck (8/10)
    Your Blackwing Deck wasn't bad but there were things i saw that do need changing. For starters, Reckless Greed. In the long run Reckless Greed is a -1 card for you. -1 cards should be avoided if there are alternate ways you can use them. Instead of using Reckless Greed i would suggest Cards for Black Feathers. It allow you to draw 2 cards without the loss of your next 2 draw phases. It isn't a -1 card and works exactly like Allure of Darkness except with the downside of not being able to Special Summon. If this doesn't do it for you, then Pot of Duality is anther option. Reckless Greed is too risky when dealing with losing your next 2 draws. Another thing worth taking a look at is Vayu the Emblem of Honor. You do use Sirocco and these 2 cards pair perfectly together when in the Graveyard. I would replace Mistral for Vayu especially since you can use Shura to get him out and negate his efect to use him for a synchro summon. If you draw him you can use him as Icarus Attack tribute bait. He is also searchable with any of the other high attack Blackwings through Black Whirlwind. Wh don't i like mistral? He isn't offensive. Blackwings were never made to defend, the strength comes from swarming and attacking to overcome the enemy. Mistral throws this balance out.

    - Stun Deck (2/5)
    This Deck didn't last long against my meta Deck. I think you heard me say meta and decided to try and use an anti meta. Bad choice. Anti meta has no place in todays metagame. The Deck's are far too slow and really rely on negation cards which are lacking in this format. They need Solemn Judgment in 3's and definately Royal Oppression in 3's. Trying to use monsters to simply negate Special Summons don't cut it this format. Monsters do not last long on the field and your oppponent can overcome this rather quickly. I won this duel no problem even though you were trying to stun me with your anti meta cards.

    Using your Deck: 12/15
    - Blackwing Deck (9/10)
    No complaints, you certainly used your cards very well and kept up with my control Deck. You almost always had a counter for what i did which was good to see.

    - Stun Deck (3/5)
    You did your best with what you were dealt and that is all i can ask for. Even though the duel did not last particularly long you played your cards the best you could. If you had choosen a better match up for my Deck you would have earned more points here.

    Total: 39/60

    Rank: Archfiend Red 2/3

    Rank Legend (One Deck):

    Rank Legend (2 Decks):
    LOW RANK 1/3: 0-9
    LOW RANK 2/3: 10-19
    LOW RANK 3/3: 20-30
    INT. RANK 1/3: 31-36
    INT. RANK 2/3: 37-42
    INT. RANK 3/3: 43-48
    TOP RANK 1/3: 49-52
    TOP RANK 2/3: 53-56
    TOP RANK 3/3: 57-60

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