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    Zombie Deck


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    Zombie Deck

    Post by Chronoz on Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:03 am

    x3 Pyramid Turtle
    x2 Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon
    x3 Zombie Master
    x1 Spirit Reaper
    x1 Mezuki
    x3 Paladin of The Cursed Dragon
    x2 Marionette Mite
    x2 Goblin Zombie
    x2 Bone Crusher
    x1 IL Blud
    x2 Immortal Ruler
    x2 Shutendoji
    x2 Dark Grepher
    x3 Zombie World
    x2 Book of Life
    x1 Burial From Different Dimension
    x1 Allure of Darkness
    x1 MST
    x2 Shrink
    x1 Smashing Ground
    x1 Call Of The Haunted
    x2 Magical Arm Shield

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    Re: Zombie Deck

    Post by Quickstrike1991 on Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:05 pm

    One big reason why I joined up here is for the deck/rate and fix forum. tinkering with all kinds of deck Ideas is my favorite thing to do.

    overall, I give it a 6/10. it is not too bad, but I believe there are too many monsters and with the zombie decks I have made I have always had around 19-20. Now since I see you are running 3 copies of zombie world, I will suggest a zombie world deck. A zombie world deck is very versatile and alot of cards can be splashed into it. It can take down Monarchs in a pinch and really disrupt alot of other decks. Though Zombies have lost some power with the limiting of Mezuki, I personally still view them as tier 2.

    So lets get an idea set up first, alot of the cards that you have right now I would keep in, but there is a few changes I want to make. I will also give a description of the new cards and why I suggest adding them in.

    Monsters: 20
    X2 Il Blud
    X2 Red Eyes Zombie Dragon
    X2 Zombie Master
    X2 Goblin Zombie
    X2 Paladin of The Cursed Dragon
    X2 Exiled Force
    X1 Mezuki
    X1 Plaguespreader Zombie
    X3 Pyramid Turtle
    X2 Shutendoji
    X1 Dark Armed Dragon

    Magic: 15
    X3 Zombie World
    X2 Terraforming
    X2 Shrink
    X2 Mystical Space Typhoon
    X2 Book of Life
    X1 Giant Trunade
    X1 Foolish burial
    X1 Monster Reborn
    X1 Allure of Darkness

    Trap: 5
    X2 Bottomless Trap Hole
    X1 Mirror Force
    X1 Torrential Tribute
    X1 Solemn Judgement

    Extra deck: 4
    X2 Doomkaiser Dragon
    X1 Dark Ruler Ha Des
    X1 Black Rose Dragon

    Il Blud and Zombie Master
    I removed one Zombie master only because once Il Blud is out, Zombie master becomes a little unnecessary. With More Attack and a slightly Better effect Il Blud is the go to man. Using Foolish burial and Book of Life Can get Il Blud Out immediately as well As using Book of Life's effect to get ride of a pesky monster that may come back later in your opponent's Grave.

    Exiled Force
    Now I know what some people may be thinking: "Exiled Force? Not what you typically put in a zombie deck." Which is true, but I like to think outside of the box. Exiled Force can become one of the best removal cards in the Zombie world deck. For example. once zombie world hits the field, everything in the graveyard and field are zombies. You summon Exiled force and use his effect to destroy a monster on your opponents side of the field, then you can use either Il Blud to summon him back from the Grave and take out another monster. Use Zombie master to pitch another Zombie like Mezuki to get Exiled force back, then use Mezuki's effect gain to get either Exiled force back for the third time or get another zombie. Finally you can use Book of life to get Exiled force back, not only destroying a monster, but then removing from play a card in your opponents graveyard. The extra little bonus is that he can slip right through the commonly played Bottomless trap whole.

    I for one have found Exiled force to be an extremely good card in a zombie world deck, his mass removal potential in this type of deck is almost unrivaled. When I was running a deck based on Zombie world, Exiled Force cleared the way for me many times.

    Plaguespreader Zombie
    An excellent card in my opinion. He can come back from the graveyard by his own effect, or use Book of life, Mezuki, Il Blud or Zombie Master to get him back out for another Synchro Summon; getting out Revived king Ha Des or Doomkaiser dragon (then Doomkaiser will take a zombie from your opponents graveyard thanks to zombie world). Just remember, his synchro abilities do not just stop at Zombies Smile

    Dark Armed Dragon
    Usually I would not recommend this, since at one time this was an incredibly hard card to get. However, since he now comes in a tin he is more redly available. There he cannot be special summoned from the graveyard, there are plenty of dark zombies in this build so Dark armed can come out pretty fast. Not to mention he can destroy cards on the field. His destruction effect is more versatile then Exiled force, but Exiled Force can come out much Quicker not to mention unlike Dark Armed Dragon, Exiled force can come out from the Graveyard. Dark armed Dragon can also work nicely with Shutendoji. One extra thing Dark Armed dragon brings to the table is attack power, Zombies are known for rarely going past the 2400 mark, so Dark Armed Dragon's attack power is a welcome bonus to the table.

    Book of Life and Monster Reborn
    Both have Advantages and disadvantages. you could run three copies of Book of Life and no Monster reborn, you would only be able to pick from your graveyard, but you can remove cards from your opponent's graveyard; messing up some plans they had...Including their own Dark Armed dragon if they have one. Monster reborn can summon from either player's graveyard but no removal effect. in all honesty they are both great cards so take from then what you will.

    Foolish burial
    Smashing ground is nice, but with this build I believe you have alot of removal already. Foolish burial gets monsters into the graveyard and works wonders for this deck, anywhere from Il Blud to Dark Armed Dragon can use this to your Advantage.

    Mirror Force
    A staple in many decks, it will protect your monsters as well as ripping a chunk out of your Opponent's field Presence. Not to mention it is really easy to get now what with it coming in the last two Structure Decks.

    Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential Tribute
    More Removal, which is good because Zombies Attack power cannot compare to other monsters. it may seem a little excessive with all the removal, but Torrential will bomb the field and your zombies will be back where they want to be: the Graveyard for later use. Bottomless removes the opponent's monsters from play messing up strategies like Dark Armed Dragon as well as a few others...Aslong as it is 1500atk or over that is tongue

    Call of the Haunted and Solemn Judgement
    i am not going to lie, I had a tough time deciding here. Call of the haunted is great, but with Il Blud, Zombie Master, Mezuki, Book of Life, Monster Reborn and Plaguespreader Zombie I felt it needed to be outed. Solemn Judgement may seem unappealing at first what with losing half your life points...But that one card may be the thing that determines whether you lose or not that turn. I know it is still hard to get, but it will be a common when the fairy structure deck hits...So only time will tell.


    Other possibilities
    I use to run Black horn of Heaven and Forced back before I got Solemn Judgement. the reason being it negates summons and either destroys the monster or sends it back to your opponent's hand (Forced back even negates flip summons)in that one turn of summon negation, you could potentially swarm the field with more zombies to run down your opponent even faster and they will be one step behind you on field presence (potentially).

    Ryko the light sworn Hunter is an okay possibility, it destroys a card and then cards of your deck. Handy for zombies; but there is always a fear of tossing crucial Magics and traps into the graveyard. it is that little fear that makes me run Exiled instead.

    Dark Grepher is another Possibility, but it is up to you. I like Zombie Master more and Foolish burial does the Job.


    Well, that is what I got for you, take from this what you will and I hope this gives you more ideas of what you may want to do with Zombies.

    ~Happy Dueling

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