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    Lavi's Re-test by Lunchbox


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    Lavi's Re-test by Lunchbox

    Post by Lunchbox on Wed Mar 30, 2011 4:38 am

    Outcome of total duels:
    ? (Lavi)v.s. Flamvellsworn 1-2 my favor(3/3)
    Six Sam Plant(Lavi) v.s. Vayu Turbo : 0-1 my favor (2/2)

    Total: 5/5

    Awareness: 7/10
    -1 Allure of Darkness mistake
    -1 Arcanite Magician mistake
    -1 Giga Plant effect mistake

    In one of our duels I have written down that you played Allure Of Darkness. When you played it you drew your 2 cards and you discarded 1 Dark monster so I though okay everything is so far so good until you put the discarded Dark monster into the graveyard. Now I waited around 30-45 seconds to see if you would remove the dark monster from play due to Allure Of Darkness's affect because I thought you might have accidentally clicked graveyard instead of remove from play button. But I had to remove it for you.
    Now in one of our duels I synchro summoned Arcanite Magician which due to his effect he gains 2 counters. And for every he has he gets 1000 attack for each which is 2400 attack (400 is original attack + 2000). And I used Magican's effect to destroy one of your back row cards. So now his attack is 1400. I attacked you directly and you /sub 400. Make sure to read card effects. It does not hurt to take a minute or two to read effects. Your opponent will understand. Don't be afraid to ask. Also make sure you read Gemini monster effects (like Giga Plant) their effects can get tricky. When Giga Plant is normal summoned you can't use Plant's effect because you already normal summoned, usually Gemini monster effects count as a normal summon. So with Giga Plant you have to wait a turn to use the effect. Sorry if that does not make any sense.

    Knowledge: 9/10
    -1 Allure Of Darkness

    Your basic knowledge was decent. Again, you NEED to start working on reading card effects.

    Play Style: 3/5
    -1 Way to passive
    -1 Didn't Side Deck

    With both decks I played, you played very slow/passive. Yes at times playing that play style is okay but most of the time its better to play a little bit of aggressive. I am not saying you weren't playing aggressive at all, like that game you took from me in that match duel thats EXACTLY how you need to play almost every game. That was perfect aggression.
    And using a side deck wins games. Side decking is one of the most important things in a match duel. You noticed that I special summoned a lot in both duels right? If you side decked and put in a Royal Oppression, it would have screwed me up because I notice in both out duels you only special summoned once (besides the tokens). Just remember, side decking is for anti-meta stuff against your opponents deck. Again SIDE DECKING WINS GAMES.

    Deck Build: 9/15
    -1 Deck builds need to be stronger
    - ?: 6/10
    - Six Sam Plant: 3/5

    Your deck builds could have been way better. With your Six Sam deck, you should have just built a Six Sam deck not with the plants or whatever. And your ? deck was decent just could have been better. I like the idea you had with the ? deck, just could have been better.

    Using your deck: 11/15
    -?: 8/10
    -Six Sam Plant: 2/5

    -1 Monster Reborn set

    Your ? deck, I like the way you displayed some of your moves. One of the pluses I had for a game was when I had 3 monsters on the field and you used Radiant Mirror Force when I attacked which was really unexpected to me in a good way. In one of our duels I played a Mystical Space Typhoon one of the biggest negatives you can do in my eyes is setting a Monster Reborn. That card again in my eyes is a game changer in itself. You never want to waste a Monster Reborn like that.

    Now I won't give you a - for this but make sure to ask and see if your opponent chains. For me you were going a little to fast. So when you activate a trap/spell or summon a monster make sure from time to time you ask, chain?

    Total Points - 44/60

    Rank: Archfiend Red 3/3

    To be honest not trying to be mean but in my opinion you are definitly not ready for Stardust. But please make sure you correct your mistakes. Once you do you will be an excellent duelist. Remember in serious match duels remember to side deck. Remember to work on your decks. And finally the most important rule of them all to remember, read all card effects even if you already know them by heart read them again. So keep trying and don't forget,
    "A limit on what you will do, puts a limit on what you can do".

    Current Rank: Black Rose Violet

    Updated Rank: Archfiend Red

    Congratulations on the test and welcome to your new dorm. When your rank is updated please make a room for yourself.

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    Re: Lavi's Re-test by Lunchbox

    Post by Lavi on Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:25 am

    About that "Monster Reborn set" thing,that card was a decoy.
    Risky,but if I wouldn't done that,you would destroy radiant mirror force (that was the 2nd set card).
    And I was gonna be in big trouble if you were using "rekindling" when radiant wasn't around.

    About "?",I think that's the 1st deck that we had a single duel.
    True,I didn't name him yet,because I combined some cards together to stop my opponent's card's effects.
    But now I think its noticeable what kind of deck I used now.

    About "Allure Of Darkness"'s discarding 1 Dark from game.
    You were right,I was suppose to discard it from game,not to the graveyard.

    About my 2nd deck that we had a Match Duel,I didn't name it too,but I think "Six Sam Plants" is better Very Happy

    About "Plant Giga"'s effect,again you're right,I thought his effect is activated when he's normal summonned in a same turn,but next time I'll remember.

    About the way I played wasn't aggresive,because If I did play like that,I'm sure that I would make more mistakes.
    The 1st deck need to be fixed,so is the 2nd deck.

    About "Side Deck"-ing,I'm kinda don't understand how this Side Deck is helping.
    I have to watch it in a video to understand.

    Thanks for the re-test,Lunchbox.

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    Re: Lavi's Re-test by Lunchbox

    Post by Lunchbox on Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:05 pm

    Not a problem anytime. A Admin can close this topic.

    - Lunchbox

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    Re: Lavi's Re-test by Lunchbox

    Post by CatGirl on Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:04 am

    No problem and conratz to ya Lavi. ^^

    Topic Locked.

    ~ cat

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    Re: Lavi's Re-test by Lunchbox

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