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    unnamed deck


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    unnamed deck Empty unnamed deck

    Post by DoodleBop on Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:19 pm

    1 Jester Confit Lord (my bad)
    2 BeastKing Barbaros
    2 Destiny Hero Plasma
    3 Mask of Darkness
    2 Jetroid

    3 Mage Power
    2 MST

    2 Cyber Shadow Gaurdna
    2 Embodiment of Apophis
    3 Metal Reflect Slime
    3 Tiki Soul
    3 Tiki Curse
    3 Zoma the Spirit
    3 Imperial Custom
    3 Fake Trap
    1 Solemn Judgment
    2 Solemn Warning

    ok obviously not meant to be super competitive i was bored

    in laymans terms summon trap monsters protect them or tribute for 3 tribute monsters

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    unnamed deck Empty Re: unnamed deck

    Post by menggoo on Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:34 am

    From Meng:
    Your deck is really wierd. It doesn't work well together, and its not very balenced. There are to much traps and barely any monsters or spell. Your monster trap are an okay substitute for your monsters but they can easily be destroyed. I belive your deck tries to summon your destiny hero. But, its going to be hard. The deck is not really a good staller. Try adding scrap iron scarecrows, Mirror Force, and more monsters. my recomended spells are swords of revealing light and monster reborn. Also, try taking out some of your traps and have only 40 cards in your deck.40 cards gives you a greater chance of getting a good Draw.

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