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    Ryu888 Test by Lunchbox


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    Ryu888 Test by Lunchbox

    Post by Lunchbox on Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:31 pm

    Decks Ryu888 used for test,
    Single - Macro Monarch
    Match - Zombie Synchro

    Outcome of total duels:
    (Ryu888)Macro Monarch vs. Gemini Hero 0-1 my favor
    (Ryu888)Zombie Synchro vs. Gravekeepers 0-2 my favor

    Total: 5/5

    Awareness: 10/10

    Your awareness was good, the average for a good duelist. You knew what was going on around the field which I liked. Also which really impressed me was before you used your monsters/trap/spell cards you would say eff (effect) which is a good thing. Its to see if your opponent wants to chain etc. I liked that.

    Knowledge: 10/10

    Your knowledge was great, above average. I liked that you knew that my Gravekeeper's Spy still gained 500 DEF when it was flipped and it seemed like you knew that which was good, I was looking out for that.

    Play Style: 3/5
    -1 Passive
    -1 Not Side Decking

    With the decks you were using require speed and aggression. With your Machro Monarch you want speed to get your Monarchs out there and mess up your opponents field with back row removal and monster removal and over powering your opponent with the 2400 attack. And with your zombies I do realize the Necrovalley really messed you up because I saw so many plays you could have done with the speed in your graveyard and I am sure you realize them too. So I won't -1 you for that.
    You should have really side decked against Gravekeepers. Again, as I said in previous test results people need to side deck. Side decking wins games. Side decks should be pure Anti-Meta. You should update your decks Wink.

    Deck Build: 9/15

    - Macro Monarch: 2/5
    - Zombie Synchro: 7/10

    I have always had respect for Zombie decks, I would love to see you upgrade that zombie deck into something amazing. It has the potential, just watch out for the Gravekeepers. As for your Macro Monarch deck, I suggest you look into cards that special summon a lot. For example, Treeborn frog, Battle Fader etc.

    Using your deck: 10/15
    Macro Monarch: 2/5
    Zombie Synchro: 8/10

    I loved the way you used Ryu Kokki against my Gravekeepers. Even though he went to the graveyard right when he was summoned, I like the idea you had. It was very smart. I also liked your idea with Call Of The Mummy with Ryu Kokki and your facedown monster.

    Total Points - 47/60

    Rank: Uru Red 3/3

    Welcome to TDA and welcome to Uru Red, I hope you enjoy your stay at TDA. Please make a dorm asap and an Admin please update his rank when you have time. If you have any problems in the way I tested you etc please contact an Admin. Thank you.

    - Lunchbox

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    Re: Ryu888 Test by Lunchbox

    Post by Tyann on Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:16 am

    Congratz to you Ryu888... Thats a good result you have got as your first step in this Academy Very Happy
    Your evaluation looks so awesome, Lunchbox... keep it up^^

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