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    Quickstrike's Introduction


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    Quickstrike's Introduction

    Post by Quickstrike1991 on Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:50 pm

    Hello, Everyone. I am Quickstrike1991. other Introductions I have seen are kinda short...So I am not sure what I should post here, but I am guessing a little about me?

    well, I am a long time duelist, been playing since it first came out. My first yugioh cards where the Starter Deck Kaiba deck, I still have that 1st edition blue-yes from that deck, he is a little damaged and he sees no use in my decks, but I keep him for the sentimental value. Cool

    When in comes to deck types, I prefer to play it defensive. My main type of decks I play in Tournaments are some form of Burn (either burn/stall, Chain, anti-heal) , I have like burn ever since I got my hands on the old Hinotama and Ookazi when I was a kid. I have quite a few tournament wins under my belt, as well as placing top 4 or 18 in bigger tournaments. I prefer not to use "Decks of the Now" I have never played decks consisting of really popular cards like Dark Armed Dragon, X-sabers, Flamvell. I find them too predictable and after dueling 3-4 of them in a tournament you almost know exactly what they are going to do every turn (I must me a Psyschic type ). Overall though, I much prefer a casual duel with friends. I really like Jurracs and decks that have a type-theme to them.

    so yeah, I do not join forums very often, so I am kind of slow getting into the swing of things, takes me a bit to get use to it all and find everything on the site. Right now I am focusing on doing the some kind of test to join a dorm.

    Anyway, thats all I got for now. see you around. tongue

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    Re: Quickstrike's Introduction

    Post by RYU888 on Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:09 pm

    Welcome to the forums. Burn,Stall,Mill,and OTK decks are not very popular on KCVDS but i have no problem with them since i was a defensive player for a long time but now i mix it up. I tend to use cards that i like and not really worry about the metagame but they sometimes happen to be meta though. Have fun

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    Re: Quickstrike's Introduction

    Post by LightOfLife on Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:17 pm

    Welcome to TDA
    Staya active Very Happy

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    Re: Quickstrike's Introduction

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