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    calling all seekers "mm thats not right" one means duelists


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    calling all seekers  "mm thats not right" one means duelists  Empty calling all seekers "mm thats not right" one means duelists

    Post by setsuna on Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:29 pm

    sorry bout the title all Embarassed I still have huntik on the brain lol!

    Any way Setsuna here, am very glad to be at Turbo Duel Academy.

    Have just gotten into playing yugioh bout three year's ago, before that I played mainly

    inuyasha/ huntik / UFS "more pointdly cards from the Darkstalkers set I love you " and magic.

    My piece de resistance "as they say" is more along the lines of
    a strategist and strategic thinker! then a duelist "LOL" As well as a deck consultant /designer. "Though one admits he likes huntik UFS and inuyasha better than Yu-GI-OH at the moment"

    so fair the only deck-types I have found that interst me are
    YUBEL, harpie's-Fortune Ladies and Spellcaster's

    "am looking at old school dark magician with a bit of a new twist"

    my favorite cards "as of know" would be

    Harpie Queen
    Lady Ninja Yae
    Dark magician Girl
    Blizzard Princess
    D.D. Crow
    Effect Veiler
    D.D. Designator
    Mind Crush
    Spiritual Wind Art Miyabi
    Hysteric Party

    thats a bout it for me.... am looking forward to hearing from you all

    (Ohh and my favorite color is pink by the way)

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