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    Posting Game Rules


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    Posting Game Rules

    Post by DanceJonDance on Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:42 am

    In a lot of academies many people get away with spamming in a posting game, well not here. Here we will follow a very strict guideline to prevent spam yet keep the fun coming. The rules are as follows:

    - In order to create a posting game it must be approved by an administrator.
    - Only five posting games will be allowed to stay active at a time. However if it's good enough,they stay always.
    - In order to post in a game you must follow the rules of the original post.
    - To post again in the same post, you must wait until two other people have posted, then you may post again.

    These rules need to be followed, failure to do so will result in a game may being locked and you may gain a warning.

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