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    TDA's New Dorm System


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    TDA's New Dorm System

    Post by DanceJonDance on Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:25 am

    Hello TDA members,

    Now that the new skin is out of the way it's time to bring more changes, and one of these new changes is the introduction of a new dorm system. This system will only apply to new members and members that have not yet made the top ranked dorms, however, if you are in the top dorm and are interested in a challenge you may get the same treatment everyone else is getting. Many of you are probably wondering what could we do that could be so different since all academies share the same dorm system. Well let me explain.

    ::New Members::

    Before, and in almost every academy the process is the same old boring story: Register, request a test, hope you are lucky to find a tester online, get tested, and after some time of waiting finally start your academy experience.
    Well we think this system is outdated and has to go, and that every member should be able to being their TDA experiencefrom the moment they register. This is why we've created the Dorm admissions section. Here, newcomers will fill out a personality test and depending on their answers they will be placed in either Black Rose Violet or Wiraqocha Rasca Violet. But wait, why are they starting off from the bottom? Good question, and the answer is simple. We are a forum emulating a Yu-Gi-Oh academy, but we've never really embraced the academy sense of the forum. Instead we just create new tournaments for people to enjoy, and any good duelist can get into the top dorms without breaking a sweat and this is not how it works in the anime. We will make members work their way up to the top dorms as if they were actual members of a Yu-Gi-Oh academy, and this is why we've implemented this new system.

    ::Old Members::

    We will not be making members who have made it to the intermediate or top dorms go back to the lower dorms, however, if members want to challenge themselves and earn their way to the top with the new system we will gladly allow you to take a personality test and place you in the bottom dorm so you can also have the new TDA experience. If you wish to have your rank reset please send a PM to one of our administrators.

    ::Personality Test::
    Before, testers would ask a member after a test what dorm they wanted: signers or dark signers. Well this time we are doing things differently. You don't get to choose. You must answer a set of questions and based on your answers, we will place you with either the signers or the evil dark signers.

    ::How do we rank up?::
    As I mentioned before, TDA staff will be running things differently from now on and one of those things will be the addition of what we call official tournament waves. Official tournament waves are basically new tournaments hosted by different staff every fifteen days, depending on who is hosting the tournament, that tournament will have different rules, etc. How does this affect your rank? Good question. Every official tournament will come with a grand prize for the winner, and rewards for the runner ups depending on how many people sign up.
    8 Sign ups: 1 Runner up prize
    16 Sign ups: 3 Runner up prizes
    32 Sign ups: 7 Runner up prizes
    64 Sign ups: 15 Runner up prizes
    What are these runner up prizes? You guessed it. An opportunity to take a test in order to rank up, but don't get carried away, members are only allowed to go up to a maximum of one dorm. This means that if you are in the bottom dorm, and you pass your test you will only be able to make the intermediate dorm, and then you must take another test in order to make the top dorm.

    You may have noticed that there may only be about 30 people ranking up every month, and this exactly what we want. What this will create once again is the prestigiousness of the stardust and ccapac apu blue dorms. Making it harder to reach the top dorms will give people who have reached the dorms a greater sense of pride in themselves for accomplishing what everyone aspires to do. We recommend that old members give this new system a try and enjoy the fun along with everyone else. The new dorm system is just one of many new things to come, and some of those things require old members to go back to the bottom rank so if you're interested in getting the full TDA experience all you have to do is send an admin a PM.

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