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    Crystal Beast Deck I just made for no reason.. Help?


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    Crystal Beast Deck I just made for no reason.. Help?

    Post by Johnyx9 on Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:24 am

    I feel like it needs a lot of work... anyone helps me plz? Very Happy

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    Re: Crystal Beast Deck I just made for no reason.. Help?

    Post by Thaxonyn on Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:41 pm

    I'd remove Crystal Beasts until you have 2 copies of each. Then, remove 2 "Rainbow Dragon". After, add "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder", "Gravi-Crush Dragon", "Magna-Slash Dragon", "Seismic Crasher", and "Dweller in the Depths". Remove "Dark Hole", "Mirror Force", 1 "Rainbow Gravity", 1 "Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins", 1 "Crystal Raigeki", and MAYBE 1 "Crystal Abundance". That will leave you with about 34 cards.
    Think about the trap "Last Resort", it'll give you a quick Ancient City from your Deck! Also, consider a "Trap Jammer", better safe then sorry, especially if attacking with "Rainbow Dragon" or Hamon. Consider an "Inter-Dimensional Matter Transporter" as well; I researched, and if you chain it to "Rainbow Dragon"'s send all cards on the field to the owner's deck ability, you can remove "Rainbow Dragon", it's effect will still resolve, and you got your deck's main trump card right back, unmarred by his effect! Also, think about "Rainbow Life", it can save you from an enormous onslaught AND put a Crystal Beast in your Graveyard! "Battle Mania" may be a good thing if you ONLY have "Rainbow Dragon" or no monster your opponent has can trounce Hamon.
    Activate "Battle Mania" and their monsters MUST attack a Defense Mode Hamon or a "Rainbow Dragon" if he's the only monster out; if you've got weak monsters or you're out, it'll keep your Life Points stocked up! STRONGLY consider a "Rising Energy" in your deck in case something big comes up again "Rainbow Dragon" or "Hamon".
    Others are "Double Attack" and "Gift of the Martyr" combined with Amethyst Cat; Increasing her ATK by quite a bit with GotM and letting her attack twice with DA can deal MASSIVE damage to the opponent! Very Happy Need anything else, just buzz Smile

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