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    Aletheia's Test results


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    Aletheia's Test results

    Post by Gothicmess on Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:42 am

    Synthetic revolution vs Clown's Dream 1-1

    Deck build 8/10

    Clown's Dream

    Good consistency, able to lock most of the decks with a solid bounce back setup, though Stumble+Crass clown+Dream clown/Rabbit does take some luck to set up given your deck search capabilities.

    As I mentioned before, it would go a lot better if you exchanged The tricky for Cyber dragons, though if you run it at this level with the tricky, then props to you for having a full fleshed clown deck x]

    Lacks offense, and poking for 1350 per turn really does leave something to be desired, it's as much as you expect from a clown deck, so I suggest you prove me wrong and bring something new to the table, Clown FTK WTF!!!

    Good deck, the loss of 2 points is for the lack of adaptability and offense.

    Game play 9/10

    Need to find a better way to defend your back row, solemn or Divine wrath would be a great addition to the deck.

    Really good control over most of the match, bouncing, destroying, bouncing, controlling, and all without hand loss, that was the key point and is the key point of the clown deck, recycle your effects as much as possible, force the opponent to use special offensive cards so you can negate them, and ultimately lock him down with no more offensive cards to use.

    As I mentioned before, you need something more that 1 attack per turn, thats all, so more negating cards to protect your back row will be a great addition.

    Observation skill 9/10

    Iron core field card requires a cost, all throughout the third duel I did not have an Iron core and you did not call me on the maintenance cost, keep an eye open on the opponents cards.

    I payed the maintenance cost for 2 cards in separate occasions and set a trap after that, keep in mind that the cost is at the end phase and I can no longer do anything unless specified by a card, luckily you caught up and called me on it after a couple of turns, so no harm done, just keep an eye open.

    You were aware of cards on the field as much as you could, calling me on Dark door on My second attack.

    Some minor observations skills like Call of the hunted was supposed to be destroyed 1 turn before and such, but you called yourself up on it, so good job.

    Also, just make it a habit to set your cards on the field before you add cards with PoA, will eventually be miss interpreted.

    Ruling knowledge. 7/10

    Heres My real problem, you lack intermediate and advanced ruling knowledge.

    Lest start by the first scenario.

    Exiled forces vs Skill drain

    This one is a bit more simple, to tribute Exiled forces is a cost, skill drain does not negate costs. Since Forces will no longer be face up, the effect resolves normally.

    So good job on that, really fast answer, indication of experience.

    Giant rat vs Solemn judgment

    You cannot negate the special summon of a monster that was summoned via an effect with negation cards such as, Solemn judgment. For example, if I activate Monster reborn, you can negate it with Solemn, but if you do not and the card does activate, you cannot Solemn the summoned monster, this is due to the fact that you cannot interrupt a resolution of a chain after it has begone to resolve.

    Read Inherit vs Non inherit summons. this is where you get to the advanced ruling.


    Optional effects during chain resolution.

    Monster reborn is activated as chain link 1
    Call of the hunted is activated as chain link 2


    Call of the hunted gets Green gadget
    **since you cannot interrupt a chain, Green gadget will not activate since it is an optional effect***
    Monster reborn resolves as chain link 1

    Random ranting

    You reminded me of My Frog deck, I'll give you props for that, based on the decks you mentioned that you use, and the level of game play that you currently have I do think that you have great potential as a deck creator

    Keep it up, you've got talent, I would suggest of thinking of another potential strategy for your deck, I think it can really go all out.

    Based on our match and your test, I am glad to say that we might have a war member in our hands, you just need to brush up on your ruling knowledge and everything else will fall into place.

    Uru Red 2/3
    Make your way to the dorm and make a room for yourself, keep reading and make a name for yourself

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    Re: Aletheia's Test results

    Post by SharpEyedHawk on Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:37 am

    Good Job, Glad to have you onboard with the Uru's

    Ham is Uru Reborn pass Uru ><

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