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    Quickstrike1991 test by Lunchbox


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    Quickstrike1991 test by Lunchbox

    Post by Lunchbox on Sun Apr 17, 2011 4:25 am

    Outcome of total duels:
    (him)Anti-Heal vs Machina Gadget Beatdown 1-0 Strikes favor(2/2)
    (him)Jurrac Beatdown vs Gravekeeper 0-2 my favor(3/3)

    Total: 5/5

    Awareness: 10/10

    Your awareness was good, you knew how to handle the field and you understood my card effects and your card effects. Nothing to take away from here.

    Knowledge: 8/10
    -2 Activating Soul Taker during your Battle Phase

    Your knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh is very good and very impressive. Especially impressed me with the Solemn Warning. Again you knew what was going around the field knowledge wise. Keep it up and I see big things coming from you.

    Play Style: 4/5
    - 1 Jurrac played too defensively

    Yes you got me with a few good attacks but to me your Jurrac deck seemed to play a little to defensively. With Jurracs you want them to be a little more aggressive, a smart aggressiveness with out over extending. With the Solidaritys is a good idea, that adds some aggressiveness to them. And most of them are 1700 attack so you want to be aggressive.

    Deck Build: 12/15

    - Anti-Heal: 5/5
    - Jurrac Beatdown: 7/10

    Using your deck: 11/15
    - Anti-Heal: 5/5
    - Jurrac Beatdown: 6/10

    Near the end of our 2nd game of our match duel I had a monster who had 4200 in attack mode and you had 2 level 1 tokens and Jurrac Dino a tuner with 1700 attack. You attacked with Dino and destroyed my one of my Gravekeepers and during the end phase you used his effect and tribute a token to draw 2 cards. Which is an okay move but I wouldn't have attack with Dino. Personally I would have Synchro summoned a level 5 I believe. But I don't know if it would have helped but I don't know I just think you kinda left him out there in the open haha but just my opinion. You still did a fine job!

    Total Points - 50/60

    Rank: Stardust Blue 1/3

    Great job dueling. This kid is no joke. People please do not sleep on Jurracs. They are a underrated deck. Great job again and keep up the good work. I say just work on your Jurrac deck and when you will be all done I guarantee it will be stop a lot of meta decks. If you keep up what your doing we will all see big things from you.

    And admin please update is rank ASAP.

    - Lunchbox

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    Re: Quickstrike1991 test by Lunchbox

    Post by Quickstrike1991 on Sun Apr 17, 2011 4:30 am

    Ty, Yeah the Jurracs are one of my favs and I literally had nothing left with Dino and those tokens, I could only summon a velphito and that was not in my favor tongue The Jurracs need a little work and I have already figured a few changes I want to make after that Match.

    We should duel again some time.

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    Re: Quickstrike1991 test by Lunchbox

    Post by CatGirl on Sun Apr 17, 2011 8:55 am

    Now that it's worked out well, congratz to you Quickstrike. Wink Enjoy your new room.

    Updated rank, Topic Locked.

    ~ cat

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    Re: Quickstrike1991 test by Lunchbox

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