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    KaMi Star Test.

    KaMi Star

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    KaMi Star Test.

    Post by KaMi Star on Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:30 am

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    I am mostley on everyday.

    The Detonator

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    Re: KaMi Star Test.

    Post by The Detonator on Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:17 am

    Black Garden Control vs Blackwings: 2-0 my favor (0/3)
    Reptillianne Zero vs Dragons: 1-0 my favor (0/2)
    Total: 0/5

    Awareness: 2/10
    Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North card lore (-1)
    Lack of sending resolved cards to graveyard (-1)
    Don Zaloog card lore (-1)
    First/Second confusion (-1)
    Trap Destruction (-1)
    Masked Dragon card lore (-1)
    Dimensional Prison card lore (-1)
    Shuffling (-1)

    Lots of things to discuss here. I felt through the duels you either weren't paying attention, not reading effects or simply just forgetting things a lot. The very first move of the first duel you made a mistake, you summoned Blizzard and then realized its effect wasn't quite what you thought it was and then decided it would be best to set it. Either you have never used Blackwings before, or you don't use them often enough to know the effects of the cards in the Deck. Next test i recommend using a Deck you are more familiar with as your match Deck. Your lack of resolved cards being sent to the Graveyard isn't too much of a problem but I will bring it up anyway. Cards like Icarus Attack and Soul Exchange once used go directly to the Graveyard. Sometimes you would keep these cards on the field for no reason for turns to come. This showed me a lack of concentration of what was happening on the field. What happened with Don Zaloog was interesting. After taking Battle Damage i was saying to you "eff #1" indicating which effect of his i wanted to use. You proceeded to not only discard but mill 2 cards which is his second effect. Don Zaloog states in the text i can only choose one of his effects, which was #1. In our single duel you started to play first when i was first. You didn't realize your error for quite some time so I'm curious as to what you were doing at the time to confuse yourself and take a while to fix it. I'm not sure if you were doing other things during the test or not but you really do need to concentrate more. Another odd thing i saw was you destroying trap cards in our final duel each time i used my diamond dude's effect. I'm not too sure what was going on there but if you are confused about something you should be asking instead of just doing things. Masked Dragon and dimensional prison were errors by simply not reading through the effects. When masked dragon is destroyed the monster you choose is not added to your hand, it is special summoned to the field. With Dimensional Prison, the monster is removed from play not sent to the Graveyard. Lastly shuffling, you kept forgetting to shuffle each time you searched your Deck. It is very important to shuffle every time, make it a habit. Otherwise in tournaments people can declare you are trying to cheat and that you knew what cards were coming next.

    Knowledge of Rules: 8/10
    Activation and targeting (-1)
    Trad Card Rulings (-1)

    I'm not sure how good your rulings are because we didn't really test much as you didn't do much in the duels. From what i saw though both mistake came from the same card. Icarus Attack. First, after activating Icarus Attack, you should be selecting both targets for the destroying effect. This way your opponent can chain if needed. You selected single targets waiting for me to destroy them one by one. Secondly, in one turn, you set Icarus Attack and straight away activated it. You cannot do this. Trap cards cannot be activated the turn they are set to the field, you would need to wait until my draw phase before you can freely activate trap cards at the right timing.

    Playstyle: 2/5
    - Blackwings - defensive (-1)
    - Deck Size (-1)
    - Extra Deck Size (-1)

    Some important things, first of all being the way you played Blackwings. This type of Deck is not a defensive Deck. I don't think you attacked me once. You were setting cards like shura and blizzard when really these monster benefit by being normal summoned and synchro summoning or attacking my monsters. Blackwings are aggressive and need to swarm the field and heavily synchro summon in order to win. You cannot play defensively with these guys. Deck and Extra Deck size is a problem. I know im being fussy but if you are going to use a Deck like Blackwings you need to reduce your Deck to size to 40. Otherwise you are bulking up your Deck way too much and you wont be getting the Blackwings you need let alone Black Whirlwind which is a key card to maintaining advantage. Also your Extra Deck should not be 10 cards. If you are using a Deck that Synchro Summons fill this up. You never know when you will need a synchro monster so you want to have the maximum amount of options possible. You don't want to be in the middle of a duel and think "hmmm i wish i had Black Rose Dragon in my Extra Deck right about now" or something like that.

    Deck Build: 6/15
    - Blackwings (4/10)
    - Dragons (2/5)

    I'm not sure what you were aiming for with your Blackwing Deck. I saw Genex monsters and I saw Dark Simorgh. These monsters are out of place. I don't believe they fit in Blackwings at all. Genex monsters were only there as tuners and didn't help support your monsters. Also I'm not sure where the wind monsters for Dark Simorgh were, I didn't see a single one. Unless you plan to summoned her through her Special Summon effect, you should not waste 2 tributes for her. Your Dragon Deck I was hoping would be a bit more solid. I'm not sure if you use the red eyes monsters (mainly red eyes wyvern and red eyes darkness metal dragon) these are the key cards in any dragon deck. If you don't have them, definitely edit your Deck to include them. Dragons enjoy the special summon ability of these cards and use them to swarm and overpower quickly. Cards like Divine Dragon Ragnarok is no longer very useful in a Dragon Deck (even if you want to get dragun as a Fusion monster) and should be replaced.

    Using your Deck: 5/15
    - Blackwings (2/10)
    - Dragons (3/5)

    Your use of Blackwings was like i said earlier defensive. They should not be played this way at all. You should be on the heavy attack. You were also doing some odd things. At one stage i had don zaloog on the field with no set spell or trap cards. You set a monster card during your turn. I proceeded to summon destroy it and then attack with Don Zaloog and discard your Sirrocco. You could have instead normal summoned Sirocco (being aggressive) to the field and made me have to defend since i had no spells or traps. Also cards like your Scrap Scarecrow was being used randomly instead of strategically. Most of the time you were not using it to defend from my highest attack monster on the field but instead just a random monster. You should be using it on the highest attack monster to prevent as much battle damage as possible. Other turns, you didn't use it at all.

    Overall you need to work on your awareness, keeping up with what is happening and doing everything you have to do with card effects as well as looking at the field and thinking about every possible thing you can do instead of just setting any monster in your hand. Your Decks lack offensive, and so does your playstyle. Without offense you will not be able to reduce your opponents life points and win the duel. When working on your Decks, playtest different methods of offense and defense until you find a method that works for your deck. You will get better and its practice that will get you there.

    Total: 23/60

    Rank: Black Rose Violet 3/3

    Rank Legend:
    LOW RANK 1/3: 0-9
    LOW RANK 2/3: 10-19
    LOW RANK 3/3: 20-30

    INT. RANK 1/3: 31-36
    INT. RANK 2/3: 37-42
    INT. RANK 3/3: 43-48

    TOP RANK 1/3: 49-52
    TOP RANK 2/3: 53-56
    TOP RANK 3/3: 57-60

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